Handspring T600 purchased in Oct 2003 and used for about 13 months. Complete kit + car charger and generic leather vertical belt clip case. Well-sorted phone with additional purchased software as well as original SPCS CD. This is the ONLY T600 I have had and aside from an occasional soft reset, no problems. I have run the battery as low as 30% w/o "Network Search" issues. Hardware Rev "C" , original "pre-Palm" Handspring unit. Approximately 50MB of third party stuff on CD for purchaser as well. Current versions of SPCS BC Clients for PC and Phone. No issues with phone/PDA as they work as they should. Screen protector in place since day one, eGrips in place since day one. Stepping up to a PPC-6601 per corporate plans.

$350 and I will cover shipping. USPS MO or PayPal please. Pix on request.

Bob Duckworth