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    I thought I was lucky when I ordered my Visor and it arrived within 5 days. I thought all you people complaining about CS were crazy. Well I'm checkin' in to the looney bin. I ordered the backup module two weeks ago (w/ express shipping) after confirming they were in stock. Then I called CS a few days ago to confirm my order and was told my order had not shipped but would be oing out in the next couple of days. I called this morning (after noticing on the Handspring website that shipping time is now estimated at a week for Handspring products) and was told that the backup modules are back ordered. What gives? Are they back ordered or am I getting the infamous CS runaround?
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    If it hasn't been shipped yet, then it means that it is backordered. Its very possible that when you placed the order, they had them in stock. But when they ran out of stock before they got to yours.
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    I'm in the same boat. I ordered a backup springboard about five days ago. At the time the webpage was saying a week til shipping. When I went back to confirm it online the next day it said within 4 weeks. God damn it!!! I had it sent to my parents house so it would arrive during my spring break from college. Now they're going to get it after i leave.
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    According to Handspring's web site:

    The backup module is shipping.

    Later addition: The backup module that I ordered on the 28th of February (via the web site) arrived today, the 2nd of March.

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    some advice... NEVER TRUST WHATEVER HANDSPRING CUSTOMER SUPOPRT TELLS YOU!!! They were telling me that my visor hadnt shipped yet, and then I get the package from FedEx, and then an email saying my order shipped... all AFTER I got it. hahah
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    Based on what you all are saying, it seems that Handspring order processing is out of sync. This is definitely something that handpsring needs to address. Its not fair that one customer got his or her order before another customer even though that other customer placed their order days before.

    The fact that Frostyburn received his order before handspring CSR knew about it and even before his shipping email was sent out, also suggests that the order processing is out of sync.
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    Just rechecked my order on the webpage and the backup springboard is listed as shipping in approx. 1 week. I don't know why i've been changed 2x now, one week, 4 weeks, one week. But hopefully I'll have it in my hands soon!

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