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    I ordered my visor on 2/23 , and the order was sent to the warehouse the same day.
    Next day I call up and they said your order should ship today, or tomorrow.. (okay everything seems good).
    Same day I call again.. and guess what !!! GRAPHITE VISOR DELUXE ARE OUT OF STOCK!!! YAY!!!! Of all colors, I would expect the graphite one to be IN stock ahah
    Well now like the many others, I am waiting.. waiting to see if my order will come in the next 3 days, or 30 days!
    If anyone else had this situation.. how long did it take them to get some visor's back IN stock? Feedback will be appreciated

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    Relax, don't immediately say that Handspring has reverted to their old ways. Its not fair every company has products go in and out of stock.

    Also, don't trust CS they don't know anything. They were still telling me that my visor hadn't shipped yet on the day it arrived! They have no way of checking anything that happens at the warehouse.

    Its only been 2 days. Wait at least 2 weeks before you start complaining. I was also impatient called CS for status updates, I soon found out that it doesn't help because the don't know anything. Your best bet is to keep tabs on your credit card and when it gets charged you can assume that it has shipped.

    P.S. Don't call for a tracking number CS will never be able to give you one. As noted before they're CLUELESS!
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    Hey dare you to say Handspring is back to its old ways!!! I got my visor in 3 days! Please don't make public relation for handspring than how it already is....
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    They still have a long way to go. I was waiting on a replacement it arrived but it too was a defective unit - but it did work a bit better than the original one I purchased.

    After several phone calls - in order to keep their records straight I was told to send in the old unit keep the latest defective one and when the latest replacement arrived send back the other one.

    I sent the original back, limping along with the defective one.

    Today I received 2 replacement units! The boxes had identical info and return numbers.

    I don't have a need to bash them and still thing the Visor is a good product but is this anyway to run a company?
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    Another call to Handspring confirmed that my product indeed was instock, but it still has not shipped I don't know what is going on at Handspring, but they have to get their facts strait. Im not realy mad yet... just jelous that one of my friends who lives close by ordered the same time as myself, and got his in 2 days!! Well its only been 3 days, I guess I can wait a little more.
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    Frosty.....YOu can't trust those stupid CS people....some of them are very informative and accurate but most of them ain't that informative/accuarte.......just don't get your hopes and your visor will come in in no time
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    Today I received 2 replacement units! The boxes had identical info and return numbers.

    I don't have a need to bash them and still thing the Visor is a good product but is this anyway to run a company?

    Man why are you complaining? You got two replacements! Which mean you got an extra visor replacement (which you can keep) for free. Now stop your whining and be happy .
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    What are you talking ABOUT?? I didnt recieve ANY unit(s) yet!! GET OUT OF HERE!! Try reading the posts above before writing something okay?
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    Frosty relax. I was refering to xstitcher above who received two replacements. No need to be so grumpy .
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    day four... visor, still not shipped, FrostyBurn still MAD
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    Dude, calm down... Breath in... If you were so desperate why didnt you order a Palm III xe? There just as good, and Palm is making a whole line of springboard like attatchments for them. Plus the keyboard is already out.
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    Anyone know if Handspring puts items out for shipment on Saturday/Sundays? I know that FedEx won't deliver on these days... but can they still recieve packages to ship, on business days?
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    You need to chill dude. It hasn't even been a week! They tell you in the confirmation e-mail that they will SHIP is one week. Wait at least a week before you begin to get frustrated. I know that you are anxious and nervous that they will not deliver but based on recent history they have been shipping within one week.

    Check your credit card. See if handspring has charged your card then they have shipped or will ship on Monday. Have some faith the last time I checked they average wait time for a visor was 5.21 days.

    The answer to your question is NO. Handspring does not ship on saturday or sunday.

    Lastly, I know what you are going through I ordered mine at the beginning of the month and it took exactly one week for the visor to arrive. I was very impatient and would call CS every day to check on the order. Although they were polite, they were totally unhelpful. I understand that you are frustrated because of poor CS but just sit tight and wait out the week. Chances are they will come through.

    Keep the faith, it will arrive.

    P.S. I am not a Handspring apologist because there are many who have the right to be totally annoyed with Handspring, however, you have to give them a chance before you flame them. Remember that they did not promise that your package will arrive in 4 days but rather 4 weeks!
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    okay.. I will chill But evertime I call up Handspring I get a different story, and thats what makes me angry Today I called, and I said I ordered on Wednsday, because thats what they asked me when I called... and the guys response was "Oh no, if you ordered on Wednsday its not going to ship for another week..." So mainly, that is what making me crazy, a different answer/story everytime.
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    Hey! You dont have to use that kind of language around here. Even though this does concern Handspring, and those words are commonly associated with them, WE DONT NEED IT!
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    Frosty....if i have known you in person, you would have literrally been DEAD're just lucky i have no cluere where you live
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    Frosty.. Did you order any accessories with your visor? Like stylus, modules etc? If you have then you may have to wait a little longer for your order to ship because handspring is no longer sending partial orders. If you ordered just the visor then you will get it by the end of this week...this is if you chose express shipping.
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    hehe..i HOPE frosty doesn't get his visor this week
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    No I did not order any accesories... just one Graphite Visor Deluxe. Im hoping it comes by the end if this week, because I did use express shipping. :P
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