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    Posted same thing on different thread:

    "Here goes.... I called "customer service" to add a back-up module to an order I'd places a couple of days earlier but which hadn't shipped yet (which they were going to do "sometime this week"); I was told that I would need to place a new order and thus incur an additional shipping charge. I asked if they could just amend the original order and then call their warehouse and place the additional item into the shipment and was told that their database could not do this. I then suggested that they could just place a new order and then waive the shipping charge since the original order had not gone out yet...After several exchanges between the agent (known only as "Lisa K.") and her supervisor (whom she refused to name) she came back with a final answer - the only solution would be to place a new order with the new shipping charge even though the original order was still somewhere in the pipeline and had not shipped. After a few more attempts at coming to some reasonable solution, I just gave up and wanted to cancel the original order (for a Visor Deluxe + accessories). Agent then said that she couldn't do that either. I would have to receive the product next week or after when they decide to ship it and then return it for a refund.

    Clearly, these folks don't know how to deliver on the good faith (and mostl importantly, the money) potential customers want to place in their product. The customer service folks at least apparently operate by some ill-written guide which leaves no allowance for the contingencies which happen in real life purchases.

    I'm buying a Palm Vx."

    Forgot to add that after insisting to speak to a supervisor I was then transferred to some person's voice mail. You can only imagine what I had to say.

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    I really don't understand why people insist on joining this board simply to post their complaints. Sometimes I think it's a conspiracy of envious palm owners.

    I'd agree that it's unreasonable that Handspring can't simply cancel your existing order (the customer should always have that option) and allow you to place another order for everything at once.

    Beyond that, you've lost me. It's just not as simple as you make it out to be. I do a lot of purchasing at work and I often need to order from a vendor more than once during the day. It would be great if I could call up and ask them to just add to the last P.O., but I don't know of a single vendor that would allow that. There's a lot of logistics behind filling an order. Your existing order is already at some unknown stage of the process. You're essentialy asking to cut back in line after being served in front of the customers who came after you. If it was really so simple, all orders would be processed instantly and you would have already been too late to add to your order.

    Enjoy your Vx and the satisfaction of knowing you showed Handspring a thing or two by spending more for less.
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    Thank you for sharing your experience with P.O.s with us...

    Why should people "just complain" on bulletin boards? That's precisely the point of BBs, to voice pros and cons. In this light, it's even worse to be a blind apologist for a product that clearly needs some work in various aspects. I'm sure the visor's an excellent product but handspring needs to know what they need to do to come up with a truly superior product in ALL aspects, especially in one as crucial as customer service.

    And... no, I am not part of some Palm conspiracy out to dump on Handspring. And yes, I will vote with my dollars to buy a better product (at least, customer service) from a company that respects its customers, even at a higher price. It's worth it. I hope you won't have to find out the hard way.


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    "Handjob", if that's her real name, made a mistake on her original order and complains because HS does not make "it all better." Sheesh.

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    With the speed at which Handspring is now fulfilling orders, its just not practical for us to call a few days after placing an order to cancel or amend. Order processes are in stages and there comes a time when its too late for the order to be cancelled or amended. Just saw a post earlier where A guy ordered on Feb, 27th (Sunday) and received his oder today 3 business days later!

    As for the psotings. I think its great that both positive and negative views are posted on these boards. Handspring needs to know where there are falling short in terms of meeting customers' expectations. I am pretty sure the powers-that-be at Handspring are taking notes and making changes accordingly.

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