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    Where can I find a Visor in stores? I called or visited almost every computer store in Charlotte, NC and no one has them. CompUSA said it was in the system but no status was avaliable. Best Buy, Office Deopt and Office Max didn't have them in the computer.
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    Its not the Visor that was supossed to come out, but the Palm IIIc.
    By the way, I can't find the IIIc anywhere (Including the best computer store in boston, Microcenters) any places that have them in the Boston area?
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    I've seen the dummy version of the IIIc in the stores but no working model or price.
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    I played with one last Thursday, 2/24 in a Franklin Covey store. The gal there said that they were going fast and 'only' had two left Fun to play with, they didn't have any really killer color apps and I hadn't downloaded any into my Visor to beam over (yet). Good luck finding one now - the first round of shipments is probably gone.
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    I played with one in a CompUSA on 2/26. All of the apps were in black and white and it did not have AvantGo or the picture software on it so the only color was in the icons. I was a little disappointed with the unit as a whole.
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    Now wait a minute, BEN -- There were plenty of rumors that the Visor was going to be available in retail outlets last week. Are you saying that everyone who reported that was confusing the Visor with the IIIc, or just that the IIIc actually DID appear last week, while the Visor, alas, has not?

    Truth be told, there is still no evidence whatsoever on Handspring's site that the retail release is anything but wishful thinking, so I suppose that the end result is the same. <sigh>
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    hey scooby, i use to live in richmond, i can guess which compusa you went to...

    i have to agree about being disappointed with the IIIC, i played with it at franklin covey up here in dc, THE only thing about it that's better is the color screen, no usability, no wow features, bigger, heavier. Nice first try, but for that money a winCE device would be a better value for what you want to do.

    Doing things the PalmOS are famous for, contact lists, organizing, reading, etc.B&W is more than fine. Which is why i went for the visor deluxe, hopefully it comes soon, i've got my fingers crossed.

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