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    Handspring's Good Customer Support

    Handspring has come under criticism for its customer service ever since it began taking orders for its products. As an early adopter of the PDA, I needed order and technical support for my original Palm Pilot (U.S. Robotics) and the Apple MessagePad. Trust me, there were major problems getting satisfactory support, when needed, for these products.

    When the Handspring Visor Deluxe announcement was made, I ordered one and a modem module to go with it. Of course both were put on back order until they became available. In November I received my BVD with a note saying that the modem module was on back order. When the modems began shipping about 4 weeks ago and I did not receive mine, I began to track down, with Handspring, the status of my modem's shipping. Calls and email to Handspring determined that the modem order, for some reason, was cancelled -- which, needlessly to say, was upsetting. Here, however, is the bottom line. I received an email response from Handspring's CEO, Donna Dubinsky, indicating the problem would be resolved and soon received a phone call from Susan Yost of Handspring saying my modem order would be shipped expeditiously. All this took place on Friday, February 18, 2000. On Monday, February 21, 2000 at 10:00 a.m. EST, my modem was delivered by FedEx to my office. From my experience with Handspring, its customer service could not be any better. As a start-up company with a highly sought-after product, I think the company has done a very commendable job in helping its customers.

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    I think it would be more appropriate to say Donna Dubinsky has excellent technical support abilities. I'm not trying to bash HansdSpring, but their current customer support staff and IT system is simply second rate. For instance, why was your order "cancelled" in the first place?

    That said, I am hearing better things about their support system, so maybe things are slowly but surely changing.

    Donna, it should be repeated, was the most helpful person at Handspring that I dealt with. She was polite, sincere, and fast. I wish her and her company all the luck.
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    Response to Homer,

    I accepted the order cancellation as a human error. Lord knows I make them often. There is no question that Donna Dubinsky has an understanding of the importance of good customer service and does everything possible to effect such. Let me add the customer service representatives I dealt with were efficient, made a legitimate attempt to get to the root of the problem, were curtious and did what was in their knowlege base to help solve the problem. I am a happy customer

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