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    Yesterday, the courier brought me my...
    Visor Deluxe Ice
    Extra Cradle
    Slim Leather Case
    Backup Module.

    Nothing is broken
    Screen is unscratched
    Device works
    and it's pretty nice, BUT:

    What's the hype about ? Apart from a different colour, a different cradle, and a different leather case and a slightly faster operating system, I pretty have the same stuff in front of me I had before, with my PalmIII with IR Upgrade (And ahh yes, the backup module, I forgot...) In fact, the case is even slightly bigger, doesn't carry all my credit cards like the old one, and I have the constant feeling the thing will die every minute (after reading all these messages here).

    So, can anyone tell me what the heck is so fantastic about the VISOR ?

    Feedback appreciated !
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    8 megs and Springboard expandability for considerably less than an equivalent Palm... works for me.

    And.. no problems here after 5 weeks... a really nice, solid unit. Worth every penny.

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    Also, don't forget, better datebook, world clock program (small thing for me) the capability of doing an USB synch.

    Come on, what did you want, you saved $100 over the Palm equivalent, and got a better unit with expandability.

    I guess that you wanted it to do your windows and cook dinner. You are in for a disappointing life.

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    Also, for many of us this was our first PDA or Palm and we have been pumped up by it I guess. I saw Palms and 250-300 for 1 meg of Ram didn't quite do it for me. Hearing 180 for 2 megs got me interested and 250 for 8 hooked me. I think it's awesome what Handspring did for Palm pricing.

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