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    Ordered my 2nd Visor today (apprx. 2 PM EST) (to replace my lost one). Will keep this post updated on how long it takes to get to me.
    Michael Walters
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    I live in Honduras. I've ordered on Feb, 4 via express and it was received on Feb, 10 in my PO BOX in Miami. Today I expect to receive it here in Tegucigalpa. My first Visor was lost.
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    I also ordered mine express, so I should get mine around Thursday!
    We'll see!
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    My 2nd Visor (along with the 8MB flash module I ordered at the same time) got here today! That's 13 days (and I did order it late in the day on the 11th.), with a holiday in between. The unit is in perfect shape (just like the first) and has had no problems syncing. I had 15 minutes from the time my wife brought it in the door until we had to leave for dinner and I managed to restore all my data from my last (lost!) Visor with my back up module and make our dinner appt.
    I am a happy camper!

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