When will this ever end. Just about the time it seems HS has got it together they trip all over themselves again.
Ok, so my VDX shows up and dies in the first 10 minutes. After a little over an hour on hold and fifteen minutes with a drone following a cue card, he delares it defective and offer an exchange. I decline, request the whole order be canceled, at this point I still had a belt clip on back order, and obtained a RMA number.
At my expense I ship it back and a week later a credit shows on my credit card. Oh, but not for the whole order, just for the VDX. Somehow they overlooked the returned serial cradle and stylus 5 pack. So I figure I will wait until I get a credit card startment and then raise a stink through my bank.
Today the back ordered belt clip shows up. So I call again, short hold time, good for HS, and get yet another RMA. Seems they goofed and did not cancel the whole order as requested, bad for HS.
Yes, they will credit the rest of my previous return, they should have done that in the first place, and now I am out a yet another return shipping charge and yet another phone call.