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    I ordered a Graphite VDx via express shipping. I called today to confirm the order and they said I should receive it within 3-4 weeks, but the confirmation e-mail that I got says that I should receive the package within 1 week. What is going on?

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    Interesting, I just checked my credit card and see that it has been authorized and possibly charged by Handspring. Does this mean I should see my package tomorrow?
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    Yes, atleast this is how it worked for me.
    This is if you ordered express though, because it is my understanding Handspring is now using ground shipping and I beleive it takes 5-6 business days for UPS ground to go from Calif. to NY.
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    Well the saga continues....
    Last night I noticed that my credit card had been authorized. But later in the evening the authorization disappeared. This morning I checked and the authorization has reappeared. Strange...

    So I checked on Handspring's web site to see if the order was still in the system and guess what? It can't find the order!! I called CS and I was left more confused than I started. The guy on the phone kept saying that the order was "sent" but he didn't have any shipping information. After a minute or so I realized that when he said sent that it meant that it was SENT TO MANUFACTURING (whatever that means). He went on to assure me that they are indeed still sending the packages via FEDEX. (Although he claimed that the package would arrive 2-3 day from the ship date. I thought fedex was overnight to NYC. He should have been looking at the screen containing my order, he should know that I ordered express shipping.)

    If they don't ship FEDEX then it is fraud to continue to charge for express shipping if they do not intend to follow through!

    I'm starting to get a little nervous...
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    It appears that Handpsring is continuing to add warehouses all over... between Dec and Feb they added 2 in Texas and West Virginia, to complement the ones they already have in California, Kentucky, and Massachusetts.

    However, I'm still waiting.

    I'll call and get my tracking number from the incompetent staff at HS CS.

    your friend and mine
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    I got my visor today! Within one week!

    BTW: CS couldn't give give me a tracking number this morning. Great system!
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    That's the problem when you're growing a company really fast.. somethings don't all grow at the same pace! But it looks like from all I've heard they are getting them out to people relatively quickly...

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    Lets face it Visor CS Sucks!!!!!!!!!
    They might have a nice Unit but with Palm Dropping their prices why bother?!

    Did you know if you break your Palm you can have a replacement the next day!! And actually talk to customer service people in less than 2 minutes!! WOW!! Why waste your time with visor!!

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