It's hard to reccommend handspring products because of their terrible customer service after the sale. My order was missing the stylus 5-pack although I was billed for it and it was listed as being included in the shipment. I've called six times, sent two emails, and one snail mail in the past 8 weeks, and though I'm assured my problem will be handled, nothing happens. I'd almost prefer if they just called me a liar and told me to buzz off, because at least then I'll know where I stand with this company. It gets me more infuriated to have to deal with polite, seemingly helpful people who, after the phone call, apparently just trash my request. There's no documentation of the previous calls and I speak with a different person each time. Each time I've been very courteous and patient, believing that a polite approach is more likely to get results but this has been to no avail.

I've also sent a broken screen for repair and have heard nothing after six weeks despite two calls and an email. I'm out $270 and HS doesn't seem to care. I think their lack of responsiveness goes beyond simple growing pains of a young company, and borders on the fraudulent if not outright criminal.

Does anybody have any ideas how I can get through to them? What's the magic word, channel, email address, or incantation that will get a response?