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    I have just about had it! I posted last month that I dropped my visor deluxe a mere 2 ft onto a counter top and the screen shattered. Contacted Handspring and they assured me that they would replace it. I applauded the service rep and explained that I really needed it express as I was about to leave for an International Trade show and really needed the Visor as a business tool. I also was going to do a 1 hour presentation on the Visor to the owners of my company so that all of the executives will have this handy tool. I offered to pay for the Blue Label or next day air service myself so that I could have it with me as soon as possible. The rep said that he would personally take care of it and that although he could not guarantee it would be at my door before I boarded the plane he assured that it be at my residence in time for my wife to express it to my hotel in LA. But guess what? No visor and it has been 2 weeks now. I was so embarassed to not have the visor at the presentation, and now how does that look to myself and my company when they can not follow through with their promises and support? I am not wanting to spend long distance time on hold just to have them tell me that there is nothing they can do on their end. I know that the posting of phone numbers and email addresses of handspring execs is not allowed. But if anyone has an idea on how I can get Donna's attention or another exec. Also, I sent an email to the marketing dept about the possiblitly of multiple unit sells and network capabilities, and of course I do not have to tell anyone, I got no response and that has been 4 weeks!!

    Any help would be appreciated
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    This is very sad.

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    I'm having the same situation - sent my Visor in for repair/replacement of a loose screen and haven't seen it for six weeks! Handspring received it on January 4, (tracked via UPS number): I've called three times, and each time they were unable to tell me anything about the return, even though I gave them their RMA number, the date & time it was accepted at their Returns Center, the serial number of the handheld, etc., etc.

    I have sent Donna D. three e-mails, to no avail. To her credit, she has answered; however, a "scripted" apology is NOT what I need! I am (was) using my Visor as a business tool, so being without it for six weeks is just not acceptable. If this is the extent of Handspring's customer commitment, it is obvious their infrastructure will kill them in the Palm war with TRG, Apple, Palm, et. al.!

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