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    Some people probably think that I am sarcastic. But I'm not, my experience w/ customer service was great. I called today 2/8/2000 and got thru right away. I have minor problem w/ my ICE case. I explained to the rep. what the problem was and was told that I'll receive a replacement unit within 7 business day. No question asked except to verify my name, address, order number etc. all necessary stuff. By the way I ordered my unit 1/17 and received 1/24. May be I'm lucky. My overall experiences has been very good. I've got to give them credit (at least in my opinion).
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    My expirience has been quite similar. No problems with customer service at all. One I got a rude person, but my advice to anyone that gets someone that's rude hang up and call back again until you get someone nice.
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    same thing happened here. i called a few days ago to see when my case would arrive, and i got right through in about 1 minute. the only thing wrong, though, is that the cust. service rep. said that the case would arrive in 2 weeks. i got it today! sometimes i like the people to be wrong!

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