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    I placed my order on 30 January, and I called the toll-free line later in the week to make sure that the credit card went through OK. They said it was fine. On Friday, I got a message that someone from Handspring had called about my order. Unfortunately, the receptionist didn't take down the number correctly, and I couldn't get through, so I called the orders line again. The person I talked to said as far as they could tell, everything looked fine.

    So this morning the Handspring person who called Friday called again. This time I got to talk to him, and guess what? The credit card had problems. We got it straightened out quickly, so I should be getting my Visor tomorrow, but I am VERY ANNOYED that both times I called, I was told that the credit card had gone through fine. Idiots.

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    Sorry to say - but to me, your receptionist is part of the problem.

    Sounds like they have no real tracing system that allows for specific problem entry so that everyone in the CCS group can handle the call. That's their fault.
    To serve customers well, they assign a person being responsible for the whole process of problem solving. That person didn't reach you. That's your receptionist's fault.

    my two cents.
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    Originally posted by Erik Nagel:
    Sorry to say - but to me, your receptionist is part of the problem.
    Agreed, but nonetheless, Handspring's customer service reps need either better software or large clue bricks.

    And the saga continues -- I was told by the person I talked to this morning that I could call back this evening (the correct number, this time!) and get the Fed Ex tracking number. So I did -- and I'm told that they're waiting to hear back from the bank on whether the new credit card will be authorized. Yeah, maybe the bank lines _are_ overloaded and maybe it _is_ taking them six hours to get the thing approved, but I'm having serious doubts. This one ain't my receptionist's fault!

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    Be glad that they at least called you with the credit card problem. Better to find out now there is a problem and not weeks later when you are still waiting for your visor! Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything!
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    Originally posted by Slaine:
    Be glad that they at least called you with the credit card problem.
    Oh, I am :-). In the continuing saga, I called this morning and was told that it has shipped; however, the tracking number they gave me was incorrect :-P. Ah well; we'll see if it shows today....


    Yep, FedEx attempted a delivery, so I'll go by there and pick it up after work. Hurrah!


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    <If there was a "smiley" on VisorCentral that looked madder, I'd use it...>

    On... like... January 28, my Graphite Visor Deluxe broke, and I called Tech Support. The incompetent Tech Support guy said they'd send one, and I have been waiting for 3 weeks now. I called a 1 1/2 weeks later, only to find out that "It was sent, but there is no tracking number..." I let it slide, and called a week later. The second time I called, the tech support guy was extremely rude, telling me "he was too busy to find anything for me..." He didn't even bother to ask me my order number or anyting! So, today I called, and NOBODY knows where my Visor is! Still no tracking number, they don't even know if the thing has been sent! It may be sitting in the back of the Warehouse or something! I wouldn't mind waiting for it, but I'm a student and I keep track of all of my grades and assignments with my Visor, and when I don't have one, it's a little hard to do that...

    Has anyone else encountered something similar to this?

    Hope I get something soon...


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