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    Hello, I'm thinking about ordering a Visor by
    a friend staying in the US for a while.
    But what's about the problems I read at several newsgroups? They 're telling about getting damaged Visors (scratched Display and so on). And what will I do if the Visor
    won't start up anyway. I might have a look at, doing lots in electronics yet. But there are no schematics available, of course!
    Shipping it back? You won't see it back the next year, regardless the costs!

    Ok, I know risk no fun...
    But maybe you can post me some better reasons
    to order a Visor!
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    I think you can give it a try - the problems hit the newsgroups, the ok ones don't.
    I ordered a Visor through a friend, it's on its way over to Germany.

    Or, you wait for another two weeks, and get it from whatever retail chain that will sell it.
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    I would say, 'go for it' as well.
    The chances it gets damaged in the mail is very slim.

    You can let you american friend check it first before he sends it to you...

    When you have received you visor, take a look at:

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