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    I'm one of those folks who got satisfaction from Barbara Grossman when my initial order went awry. I've also been willing to give Handspring a "second chance" and have been singing their praises about how they seem to have addressed their ordering/shipping issues. Well, now I'm putting my money where my mouth is!

    I've just placed an order for a SECOND Visor (my spouse's Valentine's present). I've ordered a Green VDX, backup module, the stylus 5-pack (for both of us) and the Tiger Woods module (hey, I get SOMETHING for being such a great guy!). I paid the extra $5 for express shipping as well.

    I placed the order carefully over the internet and double-checked everything on screen and on my printed invoice. They've got my correct email address and the shipping message for all items reads, "WITHIN (my emphasis) 4 weeks." So, we'll see. I'll keep you posted. If it doesn't come, hey, Barbara and Donna's email addresses are only a click away!

    I'd also love to hear about any other "success stories" where people have ordered within the past month and already received their orders!

    BTW - I checked on their website by entering both the order number and just my "registration information" and both methods indicate that they've received my order and that it's "in the system."

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    I notice that the Visor received log indicates that the "average" wait time is now only seven days. It's been four days since I placed my order and there's no sign of activity. No charge to my card, nothing. Nor did I receive any email confirmation, though the order status page still shows "within 4 weeks."

    We'll see.
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    My order was charged in 1/25 and arrived on 1/26, making my total "wait time" right at one week. So, what's the problem with HandSpring's ordering/shipping process now?

    As for the order, just a couple of comments...

    Tiger Woods - Looks fantastic, but I'll have more time to play today!

    5-Pack sytli - Absolute necessity. (ok, I know that would increase the overall price of the unit) These are the styli that SHOULD have been standard...just think of the reduction in griping if they had been. Also, I love the option of being able to change around the colors. I've got an IVX and the other others look really great nestled there in their little silo.

    GVX - It's my spouse's Valentine's present, but I'm going to get it all loaded up for her. I haven't had any problems with "quality issues" on the IVX I got a month ago, but it will be interesting to compare.

    Here's hoping that this indicates that HandSpring really has turned the corner!
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    I placed another order today for the third Visor in the family. Like the last time, the order (BVX + backup springboard) was carefully placed via the website. It showed up immediately in HandSpring's order-tracking, but no confirmation email yet.

    A word about the 5-pack...They're great! I find myself using the new stylus more than I ever tried to use the one that came with the unit. The weight is just right and it's handy to have the reset pin so now I can keep the Tiger Woods springboard tucked into the expansion slot, ready to go! (no more paper clip taped to the slot cover) Since we're likely to end up with four Visors in the family (and we'll all have a different color!) the 5-pack is just what we need to "round out" them out.

    A word about working with the second (GVX)Visor...The "look and feel" of the unit is identical to the IVX I got a month ago. Beaming applications and data has gone without a hitch. The only 5 1/2 year old wants one because he loves DiddleBug so much!
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    Last Wednesday, one day after placing the order for my father's Visor on behalf of my mother, he asked me to place an order for her for Valentine's Day.

    Monday night I received an email indicating that the order had been CANCELLED and offering to let me place another order. Tuesday morning I called the 888 number and spoke with a knowledgeable and competent CS rep who tracked the cause down in the computer. He discovered that even though I provided my shipping address for the order, I had included my POBox on the SECOND LINE of the order and since they don't ship to POBoxes that was sufficient to kick out the order and CANCEL it! He looked up the second order (I'd only gotten a notice about one) and indicated that the same thing was about to happen to it. Of course he didn't have any power to do anything about it, so I was stuck with either abandoning the whole thing or re-ordering BOTH Visors which had been ordered for upcoming holiday gifts. OR...I could email Barbara Grossman!

    After explaining the situation to her, Barbara was able to intervene and as I type this, less than 24 hours after my last email to Barbara, I'm sitting here with the two Visors I'd ordered!

    I also emailed Donna Dubinsky about the really screwed up notion that if a customer's order wasn't placed exactly as their system required, it was cancelled rather than any attempt being made to clairify any questions. Within 2 hours she had emailed me back thanking me for my comments and indicating that a new ordering system was in the process of being rolled out.

    OK, they screwed things up to start, but I can't imagine asking a company for a better record of response than this!

    BTW - My 6-week old IVX is doing great, no problems at all. When I've worked with my spouse's GVX, to get it set up prior to giving it to her, it's been solid - no problems with beaming or syncing or anything else. Of course, having ordered the stylus 5-pack means that everyone has the custom-colored stylus right from the start! It will be interesting to see how it is to be a four-visor family!

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