I've just placed an order for a 650, and so will no longer need a few things...

Palm Treo 600 Portable Keyboard - This is like new, used just a few times. No dents, dings, blemishes -- I even have the original box and CD -- $75.00

BoxWave MiniSync USB Charger - I've tried a few of these, and this is by far, the best charger out there... It both charges and syncs via your computer's USB port -- $10.00

PalmOne Laptop Travel Cable for Treo 600 - This is PalmOne's heavy weight black USB cable with the grey HotSync button. It both charges and syncs your Treo 600 -- $15.00

PalmOne USB Docking Cradle for Treo 600 - This is PalmOne's docking cradel for the 600 -- $20.00

I'd prefer to sell all of this as a bundle... Will save you on shipping. I'll let this whole thing go for $110.00 shipped via UPS ground. I can accept PayPal. Someone please give this gear a happy home, I really don't want to have to deal with eBay