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    I tried to order a Visor DX last wednesday by calling the 800 number. The order taker wouldn't allow me to complete my order because I was trying to use my Debit (Checkcard) Visa card. He told me that they are not accepting Debit cards and that I needed to use a real Credit Card. I asked him why and he told me that Debit cards aren't working with their system. I called Bank of America to ask them what the problem might be and they informed me that some debit cards don't use your balance as available credit, but instead use the daily withdrawl amount. Apparently some banks reject a transaction initially, but magically accept it moments later without notification. This might be the cause for the multiple charges on people's Credit Cards.

    I was assured by Bank of America that my "credit limit" on my checkcard was my balance and that it will work just fine. So, I went ahead and tried to purchase my Visor DX from the web and it worked just fine. However, this was last wednesday and Handspring still hasn't charged my card.
    And I haven't received it yet. (yeah yeah, it hasn't even been a week yet, I am just anxious)
    I was wondering if anyone has successfully purchased their Visor using a debit card recently, and if anyone has encountered problems using their debit card?
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    I ordered a stylus 5-pack via debit card a couple of weeks ago, and had no problems.

    I just ordered a IVD (last Thursday) and haven't yet had my debit card charged, but it's a little early based on what I've seen for charge/ship timings recently. If it doesn't come through today or tomorrow, I'll suspect something, though.

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    I ran into this problem of the debit card limit last summer just prior to a vacation. My bank uses a daily limit, but they've upped it for me to the point where it's really not a problem. I used the debit card via the website when I ordered my spouse's GVX + other stuff and it worked without a hitch. The card was charged one day and I received the Visor the next. (one week from date of order!)
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    I ordered my visor with my check card, with no problem, I think as long as it's a VISA or MasterCard, it sould be ok.
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    After having ordered last Thursday (1/27) with no debit charge, and observing everyone else who ordered about the same time getting their Visors, I called customer service.

    Surely enough, they said my order had been rejected and canceled because it was a debit card. Great. Glad someone told me about it.

    So I ordered another, by phone, with a credit card. They told me that they now
    ALWAYS ask if you are using a credit or debit card.

    So...there is truth to the rumor...

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    After reading litespeed's message, I decided to give HS a call myself. Lucky for me, the order went through without a hitch and it shipped on Monday.

    But Buyer Beware! Just because my debit card purchase worked, doesn't mean that all debit cards will. Try it at your own risk.

    Good Luck!
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    One thing you might think about when using credit cards vs. debit cards - often a credit card will offer to double the warranty period. Thus I always order with a credit card, then send in a copy of the receipt, warranty etc to the credit card company and thereby lock in my extended warranty. Just a thought. (I always pay my credit card in full each month, so I am NOT paying more this way)

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    UPDATE: You know how I said, yesterday, that I re-ordered via credit card because I was told my order done with a debit card had been canceled?

    Well, imagine my surprise to come home last night to a Handspring box on my front doorstep! And surely enough, my debit card was charged [successfully] yesterday.

    I frantically called them back to cancel my "reorder" and they told me that they couldn't cancel an order -- that I should "refuse the shipment at the door". Refusing a shipment at the door is hard to do if noone's home, so I pressed her and then she miraculously was able to cancel the order somehow (or else, she said I'll just tell this loser that so he'll get off my case).

    I really have no doubt that they will charge me for a 2nd one and ship it to me anyway...but, at least I have one now.

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    AArrrg. I got it with that debit card thing. I ordered my VD back in Dec (when the expected shipping time was 6 weeks) and never got a confirm email. I called and the guy said my order was in the system, but said the wait was really 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I called again and they said I was in their system. Today, 6 weeks later I called again and the guy said my order was in the system, but had been denied because I used a debit card. That would have been nice to know 6 weeks ago. It would be very helpful to have that kind of info on the order page. Some may have gotten their visors with a debit card, but others of us had to wait 6 weeks! It would have been nice if someone from HS had let me know! Beware using your debit cards!!
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    FYI- Handspring's web site says that they do not accept debit cards for orders (I assume this includes check cards.)

    True this information is not noted on the order page but it is in there.
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    My understanding was that unless you indicated that your card was a debit card, it worked exactly like a credit card. I've been using a debit card in this manner for years and only ran into a problem when I needed to go over the daily limit one time. I've never had any problem anywhere.

    Is there some way HS can "discover" that a card number is a debit card unless they're told?
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    I ordered my GrVdx in Late Nov. with my Mastercard Debit card. I checked on the order a couple of weeks later and was told that they wouldn't have accepted a debit card, so I gave them a credit card. When my Visor got to me they charged the debit card, but somehow managed to forget about the credit card. I called to check about it and was also told by the operator that I would have to refuse the shipment when it go here. It hasn't arrived.
    Now I get to go through it all over again 'cause I managed to lose my Visor last week and I'm losing my mind! I'm going to use the debit card again.

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