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    Ordered Backup and 8Mb Springboards on January 9th. Backup module arrived on January 23, but the invoice showed that the 8MB module was backordered. I'm not even going to attempt a Handspring Customer Service call, so I was wondering if anyone else had heard anything?
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    My VDx arrived 1/28. The 8-Meg mod and the stylus 5-pack were back-ordered. No indication on the invoice as to when they might ship. Hopefully, I won't fill up my 8-meg RAM before the flash mod arrives.
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    I ordered my VDx, stylus 5 pack and 8 meg module on 12/27. I recieved visor and the stylus 5 pack on 1/7 but the 8 meg module was backordered and I haven't recieved it yet...
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    I had ordered my VD and 8MB Springboard on Jan. 26. Received my Visor on 1/30; received my Springboard on 2/4.
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    My 8 meg module arrived yesterday!

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