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    Well, after mulling it over a bit, I decided to have my BVD replaced.

    Mind you, I still love it, and probably could live w/ the gouges I put in the screen w/ the original stylus. I even could live w/ the completely-chipped-away tab in the cover slot.

    What I'm having a real problem w/ are the cracks around the 2 screws inside the Springboard area that secure the ice back to the blue front. I don't know if the person who assembled my Visor had too much coffee that morning and torqued down the screws a little too hard, or if something I've done has cracked the housing. But I don't like the fact that both screw holes are cracked, and one of them is cracked through to the top. That's structural, not cosmetic.

    I didn't post about those cracks earlier since a) I was in denial and b) I didn't want to be "piling on" while Handspring dealt w/ screen scratches, case chipping and other early production problems. As far as I've seen, other people haven't been having this problem.

    And I didn't send it back earlier since I seem to have a higher-than-average powered IR port. Or maybe the IR just bounces off the brick floors better than off carpet, which leads to my 15ft omniremote range.

    But, it sounds like the problems have been addressed w/ the currently-shippping models, so I called Handspring up yesterday (2 minute hold, not bad!) and asked for a replacement.

    The tech had no problem agreeing w/ me that a replacement was in order. A new unit is on the way and should be here in "10 to 14 days".

    The Visor saga continues...


    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    I have similar problem(s). Just called today 2/8 and was told to receive a replacement within 7 business day. I think this is impressive. I still have my visor and don't have to return it until I get the replacement.

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