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    Sorry, had to comment on it
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    I'm sure more than that have been received, not EVERY owner is on visor central.
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    I've read somewhere (maybe here) that Handspring is shipping in the neighborhood of 1000 units a week!!!

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    I know it's well into the thousands.. it just depends who posts.

    It just goes to show what extreme boredom at work can do for you.
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    I did a little reserch on the day I ordered, posted here, but seems nobody intrested

    Originally posted by BabyJohn:
    they are not really selling that many visors, as on 1/19, the first order number is 000119-76331, and the last one is 000119-77773, do a little math here, the total orders are 1442(note, orders<>visors, it could be one visor, could be two, or just a 5pack stylus). I didn't have time to check other days, but 1442 shipments in a day for a company like handspring(quite big I imagine), is not too much. (if they work 8 hours a day, that is ~ 180 shipments per hour, or ~3 per minute)
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    Nobody is interested because it's not necessarily accurate. Yeah maybe there were only 1442 orders on the 19th. Perhaps that's because it was a Wednesday, and most people do their online shopping Friday and Saturday night while sitting at home? Not to mention that those orders you counted are just the orders placed online and they do not include the orders placed over the phone. Rumor has it that phone orders outnumber weborders 3X-4X. Yo also gotta understand that not too many people are going to place an order for a product that they probably have never actually seen or been able to touch. Once they hit the stores you will probably see sales increase tenfold, as long as they can keep up with the demand....
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    ...and Handspring is actually NOT a very big company. Speaking with a rep at the main office once in the past, they revealed that there aren't very many of them there!

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