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    Just as an FYI for the folks who are complaining about the wait time on the Visors, If you order a new TRGPro (329.99 at their web site) you will receive it sometime in Mid-March this year according to the web site. I check out some of the on-line stores that are selling the TRGPro, and a number of them failed to mention that the unit would probably be back ordered.

    I guess Handspring is not as screwed up as everyone thought.

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    Ya that probably true. However no one can even confirm if their order has been recieved by handspring Let alone if it has the correct information. I got a call from fedex on a usb cable I ordered from handspring. The address that they were given by handspring to ship to was entirely wrong. The only correct thing was the city, state and my name. I called them up to see if the stilii I ordered -that are back ordered and thus not shipped in the original order- could be shipped to the correct address. I was told that there was not a damn thing to be done about it.


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