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    I think their customer service is rediculous. I was on hold today for over an hour. Finally got to talk to someone and that person hung up on me. I then call again wait for another 45 mins, but no one picked up the phone. Finally had to give up.
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    Heh... that's not nearly as bad as my experience with Handspring customer support. Last tuesday I called to check on the status of my Visor. The first time I called they said that their computers were down and that they couldn't check the status and to call back in 1-2 hrs. So I called back a little later and they said that the order had been "rejected by a third party" (this means that the credit card info was messed up) and they advised me to call my credit card company and check with them. So after verifying that there was nothing wrong with my credit card I called back to Handspring and the person I talked to said nothing of an error but just said that it had been sent to the Logistics Warehouse.

    Not 30 min. later, my Visor arrived!

    I'll bet if I called today they might still say it hadn't been shiped yet...
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    You should call the 800 number. I've never stayed on hold for more than a minute or two.

    BTW- I've never seen a company where it is so difficult to check on the status of orders. The people on the phone have NO IDEA about how their order system works. They cannot give you any information beyond the fact that the order is in the system and that the order is sent to the warehouse. Most online and telephone companies have access to all types of information, including estimated ship dates. From the posts it seems that even after your order ships the CS people have no idea that it shipped! What a goofy system!

    I still hoping to see my visor next week, I have to wait for a surprise because CS doesn't know anything.

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    but would 800 help me with what I need? I ordered an extra cradle, they charged me already but didnt' mail to me. On the invoice, it just says one extra cradle included. But I didn't see any..
    I think 800 will just ask me to dial the long distance

    Originally posted by jdogg:

    You should call the 800 number. I've never stayed on hold for more than a minute or two.
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    As far as I can tell, the toll numbers and the 800 number all go to the same department. I'm pretty sure that "customer service", "ordering", and all other department are all the same group of incompetant people.

    The recording on the 800 line will tell you to call the other numbers, but just stay on the'll end up talking to the same person.

    Handspring had the absolute worst group of customer support employees who also happen to be working on some sort of antiquated ordering system. (I get this mental picture of the "customer support" people sitting at empty desks just reading scripts that say things such as "We will expidite your problem right away...We will expidite your problem right away...We will expidite your problem right away..."

    I've been told by a supervisor that:

    1) They can not promise that calls will ever be returned

    2) They can not CANCEL ANY orders.

    3) They can not FIX an incorrect order

    I can not understand how Handspring could screw up such an important part of their company so bad. This entire team should be fired and replaced ASAP if Handspring has any hope of being a viable competitor to Palm.
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    it seems that jdogg is right on this one...i called the toll number and waited for half an hour before my mom told me to get off the phone, it's costing us an arm and a leg
    I suppose they answer really quickly on the 800 because THEY are paying for it...

    Furthermore, when I call them, I end up talking to some guy who tells me that the order system has "so many options" and he has no clue which to do. Twice when I called his computer crashed.

    re: homer's post...

    We called the 800 number and they :

    1) canceled our original order
    2) gave us a new order
    3) told us if the first order shipped (like it ever will) we can just refuse it at the door.

    if they keep telling people to do #3, they will have some severe problems...

    your friend and mine
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    I would again recommend calling the 888 number. Even if the sales staff can't assist you (they usually can) they can fwd you to the technical or customer care department on handsprings dime. Plus, I ordered a handspring deluxe stylus from another user on this site. The second day of having it I dropped it on the harsh tile floors at our school and the tip broke off. I just got off the phone with a sales rep, they took down my information and promised me I would have a replacement in 2-3 weeks max. And best of all...I didn't spend a dime on the phone call.

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