This innovative, well-designed and well-engineered Swivel Clip Holster is the easiest way to carry and protect your Treo 600.

The Seidio Locking Swivel Holster provides you with these added benefits:

Slide your Treo 600 in and out of the holster with ease and maintain a secure fit while in place.

Allows easy access to all features including power button, headset jack, reset button and volume control.

180 swivel lock belt clip rotates up to 90 degrees in each direction. This feature provides you with the ability to rotate your Treo 600 in the most comfortable position on your belt.

Face-in design to protect the screen without blocking the speaker and microphone.

High impact / high performance plastic (PC- Polycarbonate) assures durability of the holster.

Reinforced clip attachment ensures longer durability.

Protection pad inside the holster to protect your Treo 600.

New and improved clip attachment with metal ring and increased tension to ensure longer durability.

*Holsters also available for: Garmin iQUE 3600; iPAQ 6300; Treo 180/270/300; XDA I

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