I just got off the phone with Handspring customer service and I am *really* frustrated!

I ordered the stylus 5 pack on 1/30 and got an email saying it would ship within a week. I called to check on the order and was told that the product is now on back order.

Since the package hadn't shipped yet, I figured I would add the USB cable to it and save myself another shipping charge.

I was told they couldn't add anything to an order that had already been processed. What kind of way is this to do business??? Why should I have to pay for another shipment when they haven't even shipped the damn order?

I asked for an email address to complain about this and he said he didn't have one. He gave me their street address to mail a letter to!! Unbelievable!

This is almost enough to make me send my Visor back and go buy some other PDA.

I understand that stuff happens, but when I can't pass my suggestions/complaints on to someone who will care and be able to effect change, that really frys me!

Does anyone have an email address that I can use to send my comments to?

Thanks and sorry this was so long.


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