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    My visor came in three days, but I was so bummed to see that the Serial Cradle had not been included. (There was no shipping list or anything in the box.)

    I called Customer Service and a gentleman there could only confirm that the Serial cradles were backordered; he had no idea of when they would actually arrive.

    Has anyone out there heard anything? Or is still waiting for their Serial cradle?

    Joe Visor
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    So interesting.
    My Visor came with a Serial Cradle, not the standard USB. (I didn't ask for the serial!)

    They managed to send me the USB one right away.

    I haven't return the serial because I live in Hong Kong, its too expensive to do so for that little plastic with a small and simple PCB.
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    I received serial cradle today with my initial order for my Visor. I placed my order this past Friday, so maybe your cradle is on the way to you. BTW, I called to check on my shipment with customer service because I was excited to get it. They couldn't tell me the status, but it arrived today via Fed Ex overnight service.

    Good Luck!

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    I also received in Visor in a few days with USB. I thought I could use my Palm serial cable but no luck so I ordered a serial cradle (& stylus). The stylus came with in a week but no cradle. Backordered. I tried calling HS but was on hold for over 45 minutes before I hungup (no music, good I have a speaker phone). I'm leaving on a trip Monday and my visor will collect dust. Of course by the time I get back NT5 will be out with USB support (no need for the serial anymore) and so will color palms. I can't even get a hold of customer support to return the useless thing.
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    Anyone know if the serial cradles are still on back-order or has anyone received one in the last week?
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    What you might want to do is try they have a ton of serial cradles that are going for an average of 20 bucks plus shipping. Not to bad, isn't handspring's on sale for like 29.98? Ohh well, then if you win the auction you can cancel your order. It might be a good idea if you need the serial cradle very soon.
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    I called Handspring and not only could they not find my order (which I can pull up on their web site by the way), but the representative told me that they are back ordered and, of course, do not know when they will get more. So they don't have my order, but it comes up on the web? Maybe I should check out eBay.
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    Hobbes: Now why should Joe order one on e-bay for $29.98 when he is only going to pay $20 for the one he ordered from Handspring? And besides Half the postings on E-Bay are from a bunch of crooks anyways!
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    You misread my post, handspring's are one sale for what I thought was 29.98 (actually 29.95). The ones on sale at ebay are going for an average of 20 bucks per cradle, both plus shipping. I can understand wanting to order from Handspring, BUT if this option isn't available I was suggesting ebay. Also, when I buy stuff on ebay (especially more expensive things) I only bid on users with high positive feedback so I know they won't rip me off.
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    Talked with, said that the Serial Cradle's are still on back order. Shucks.

    But they did find my order that was "lost" yesterday.

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    WHOA! I got a little package from Mr. FedEx today with one serial cradle!

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    The serial cradles cost $20 if you order them the same time you order your VDx. Mine came three days after I got my VDx. If you open the shipping pouch on the outside of the box it has the shipping info and an invoice in. At least with my FedEx'd package.

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