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    Ok... I ordered my Blue Visor 1-1-2000... and its STILL not here!! After 2 VERY LONG calls with ~45 min. hold times... (the latest of which was today) Handspring tells me it STILL hasn't shipped!!! I don't know what the deal is! I've seen everyone elses arive LONG before this and now I'm REALLY mad at Handspring! Aparently they have some problem with shipping it to me. I live outside the city limits on a county road, so my physical address is VERY hard to find, so I gave them my route box address (Which UPS ground AND FedEx have shipped to numerous times...) and aparently Handspring wont ship it there!

    Where can I get in touch with HS over the web? I don't know where to go to get this fixed!

    I doubt I'll endorse Handspring to anyone anymore...
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    I had the same problem. Your order will not be processed because their system rejects box numbers.

    I gave a 2-line address for my order, the street address where I work and the P.O. Box number. It took several telephone calls to determine that their system stops any order that includes a box number. And not all of their reps understand this.

    After 3 weeks, I canceled my order. The people I spoke with said the order could not be edited to remove the line with the P.O. box number. I placed a new order via the Web and the device arrived in 6 days. Do NOT give them a box number for delivery. Use your E-911 address (all box numbers should have been eliminated).

    Good luck!
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    I also put a 2 line address with my actuall physical address on the second line... Guess I'll cancel and re-order...
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    it shouldn't matter, i've ordered 2 visors both with a location # at work and both arrived fine.

    i had:


    both were fine.
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    Well, I went ahead and re-ordered and got it sent to a diffrent address... We'll see if it comes quick
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    My work ordered 3 Visors on December 29th and as of today they have not even been shipped yet!!!! A problem occurred with the credit card on their system and they did not contact us with a notify on the problem nor were they very helpful many weeks later when we finally realized that the Visors hadn't shipped we contacted them again. They resent the order and the problem occurred again. We finally resent the order a third time this Monday (01/24/00) with the notice that even though we had placed the order December 29th there was no way to make this order a priority on there system and it may take another 4 weeks (but most are shipping within a week, she notified us). Things really aren't all that better at Handspring and be prepared to check up on them frequently to make sure your order is okay. I'll let you guys know when we finally receive this order from hell.

    Michael Miller
    Westminster College

    P.S. Any info on how to contact customer service to possibly get the order prioritized or compensation in some form or another (Free styli? Free cases? We are an educational institution.)
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    Thats what really got me... I couldnt find ANY info on how to contact Tech Support other than the general 1-800 number and about 5 NON-Toll free #'s... No email addresses... nothing...
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    After not recieving my visor for 6 weeks (long story, see other post) I called the 1-888-565-9393 and got a quick answer, NO HOLD TIME . The guy was real helpful, we'll see how long it takes for the product to arrive now!
    PS Don't use a debit card!!!
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    Well, I did finally get mine this past tuesday... But the same day I called customer support 3 times. The first time they said it hadnt been shipped. Later in the day I called and they said that the credit card had problems and for me to call my credit card company. Thinking this was strange I called back an hour later and the person that I talked to said that there wasn't anything wrong with the order and it hadn't been shipped. Not an hour later it was at my door. I'll bet if I called today they would still say that it hasnt been shipped. I am convinced that they are VERY unorganized and I'm not sure the representatives are very well trained...

    My advice is that after you place your order DO NOT call the customer support. They had me frustrated and annoyed for no reason at all!

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