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    I know there was a similar thread earlier, but it's not current. I do believe I'm the winner of the longest wait-just 4 days shy of 4 months!
    I have emailed Donna Dubinsky and received an auto reply that she is out of the office until February 7th. I've emailed Ed Colligan, Hawkins and several others, and no reply from anyone yet.

    Of course, I've called to check on my order and tried to cancel(it's too late-it's gone out-just refuse it...)but it hasn't arrived.

    Do you think that they're setting me up for some sort of special surprise-they're ignoring me on purpose so that I can hold on to my status as longest waiter? Maybe I will get all the broken Visors as a prize?

    I tried HQ but all I've been able to do is leave messages, none of which have been returned. Anyone know who I should specifically be looking for? And their extension? Please do email me with any info. I really appreciate it?

    Do I have any challengers?

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    If I was you, the first thing I would do is check to see if my credit card had been charged and if not, then I would simply place another order.

    Obviously, your original order must be lost in the process.
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    I was in a similar situation and also tried to cancel my order. I never got a confirmation of the cancellation though and lo and behold, over 10 weeks after I ordered, i got my Visor. I did not refuse the delivery (although I had already bought a IIIx) as I figured Handspring will have issues crediting my credit card. Sure enough there are posts about that.

    If you are really concerned and don't want it, just cancel your card.

    By the way, now that I have my Visor, I'm glad I kept it.

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    I received my first visor in november, it took about 3 weeks, the second i ordered shortly thereafter and it took over 2 months!! i had so much trouble with it, when i finally received it i felt that i should cancel my credit card. i'm glad i did, they've sent me 2 emails for 2 other visors!! everytime i called in to complain about how long my visor was taking, the Customer service rep would say they were taking down my info to 'escalate' the order when infact they were just placing a new one. So now i've got 2 Visors ordered that they can't bill (because i cancelled my card) and if my theory holds true maybe a couple more!! (i called about 5 times to complain) Oh well, if they want to send them without a valid CC number, great!
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    As current record holder I can sympathize with your plight. Try e mailing That's where Donna sends problem orders for follow up. (I don't think this will violate the policy of not posting individual email addresses here)
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    After my long ordeal, I learned the following from a supervisor at the Handspring Customer support center:

    Hanspring can NOT cancel orders nor can they FIX incorrect orders.

    From my own experiences with HS, I believe them. If you have not yet received your Visor, CALL THEM and place an order over the phone. They will say they can fix the incorrect order or cancel your previous orders, but they can not...just place a new one.

    For the record, Donna was the most helpful person at Handspring...she'll probably fix your situation ASAP.

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