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    Hi every ViSOR+er,

    I just got my cool IceDx today!

    Here's how I "predicted" my receiving date:

    Order place on: 01/19/00
    Shipping method: Standard(UPS Ground)
    Paid by: Credit Card
    and this is from Handspring confirmation email:
    We promise to ship all orders in the exact order they were received.
    And don't worry, your credit card won't be charged until the order is
    actually shipped.
    Thanks again for ordering from Handspring!
    Credit Card charged on: 01/24/00
    (so i assumed my ViSOR was on it's way)
    Check the Transit Time on
    Origin Postal Code: 94539
    (thank Flytopher provided the info on 01/21/00)
    Shipped on: 01/24/00
    and then the Destination Postal Code.....
    BANG...I got my DESTINATION DELIVERY DATE on Tue, Feb 1, 2 !

    It's a bit stupid, but C L i think!

    Hope everyone get his/her ViSOR ASAP and without any problem!
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    That's Great... But how do you know it's coming UPS? I've read on the recieve log that people are recieving theirs Fed Ex., I've ordered using both Express and Standard and they have always been shipped USPS Priority Mail(Probably because I'm in Hawaii). It just seems odd to me that a company would use 3 different shiping companies!
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    Hi Mitchel,

    Oops! I thought HS use UPS for standard shipping and Fed Ex for express. According to what you said, I must be wrong!

    Anyway, happy ViSOR'ing

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