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    In a nutshell, I was billed twice on my credit card for a deluxe visor, however, after 3 calls to customer service and almost 3 weeks of waiting for the credit, that they said should be credited to my account within 72 hours.

    Anyone else having this type of problem ???

    Or, does anyone have another suggestion ???
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    Just to give you an update on my situation. I obtain the email address of one of Handspring's top financial people and sent them an email regading my problem.

    The next day, a member of their staff contacted me via telephone and my problem has been resolved to my satisfaction.

    I think Handsprings major problem is with the Customer Service group that they hired, they are inexperienced with the product and don't seem to know how to handle simple requests of the customers.
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    I'm curious as to the best way to get in touch with the people at Handspring that can provide me with real customer service. Can anybody send me a name or email of someone privately?

    I ordered my Visor on December 8 and still haven't received it. I've called Customer Service many times and get the "the order is at the warehouse" answer time after time. All of my ordering data are correct so there is no understandable reason for the delay. I've asked for assistance via email to the sales group at Handspring and via the phone I get no response.
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    >ordered my Visor on December 8

    The best advice I can give you is to place another order with Handspring. It seems that most in the newsgroups that ordered around that time never saw their's either, like it just "disappeared", but when they re-ordered it they receive it in about 5 days. Besides, if the other one shows up you can just reject it. I would highly suggest you do that. I've ordered two , first one I ordered on 1/22 and got it on 1/27 and the second I ordered on 1/25 and am expecting it on 1/31, hopefully with a nice serial cradle so I can use it with W2K!!!
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    I've had similar problems dealing with their customer service department. I returned a visor delux I had already cancelled to begin with. I've been waiting 2 weeks now.

    My suggestion would be to dispute the charges with your credit card company, they are usually pretty helpful. I'm even out of the $8 shipping charge that they also promised would be refunded- I guess it's a small price to pay if I can put this all behind me.

    Hope you eventually see some credit. As for me, I'm sticking with palm from now on.
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    Checked my credit card statement online this morning and there is a nice credit from Handspring, just like they promised.

    Thanks to the Handspring Finance Department!!!
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    I totally agree with other comments here. The customer service dept at Handspring is a mess. I need a serial cable after finding out from the small print that the USB port won't work on 95. OK. Ordered on Dec 20th, I got an e-mail on the 25th of Jan to say they had lost the order. I am on hold now for the second time today with Handspring.
    When you press 1 to check on an order you get a lady saying "3-2-1 ok, this
    is for Jeanna Hanson. Tammy, Please be advised that you only have about 12
    seconds for your outgoing message record time...I mean, recording time.
    Thanks." This obviously not-meant-for-the-outside message keeps repeating
    every minute or so interspersed with the "thank you for continuing to hold"
    message. This is a zoo and the management at Handspring HAS to look into what's going on.
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    If you are unhappy with the response you are getting from the company Handspring hired, go to Handspring's website ( and check out The Company and then Executive Team. You'll find out who the head honchos are.

    Once you have their names, you can pretty much figure out what their email address is.

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