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    Both yesterday and today I placed orders for Visors Deluxe. Everything went perfectly yesterday and I chose Express Shipping. Today, the Express Shipping option was present, but it would not "take" when chosen. I've noted that elsewhere someone mentioned being told on the phone that there was no longer and express shipping option. When I went to confirm the orders on the HandSpring website, the confirmation page was GONE!

    Has anyone encountered the same problems? Does this spell a return to the "dark days" of HandSpring ordering?
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    I noticed yesterday when I was attempting to by one that just picking the express shipping option wasn't enough, you had to click on the "recalculate" button also. After I did this, it showed up on my email confirmation as going out express shipping. Just checked their web page now, it's still the same way (well, for me at least. Anyone else confirm this?)

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