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    I ordered a VDx prior to the shutout of Canadians -- I received it in early December and love it.I live in Vancouver BC.

    In early January, I received a duplicate of the entire order. Unfortunately, my credit card was also charged a second time for the entire order.

    I therefore have a brand new Orange Visor Deluxe, serial cradle, and 8Mb flash memory springboard, which I do not need. I was going to return them to Handspring, but since they're already here in Canada i reckon a better use would be to offer them to a Canadian. I'm not comfortable with extracting a profit, so all I ask is that you cover all the original cost, plus shipping to you.

    If you're interested, email me <> and I'll give you the details (I don't have them handy, but you can get prices from Handpsring's site).

    One proviso: I want to sell all 3 pieces to one buyer ... too much hassle to break the order up.

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    Thanks everyone.
    The Visor is spoken for.


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