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    Frustrated with second round of HS Customer Service!!! Received BVD in mid-December after the expected five week wait...plagued with multiple screen scratches and requested a replacement product; told by one of the many inexperienced voices at Customer Service to hold on to my product until the new one arrives within two weeks. Two weeks later, no new visor and a different voice at Customer Service now says that I was supposed to send in my defective unit before the new one would be sent out...OK, its now going on four weeks since I was told the new product was going to be sent. I sent in my old unit a week ago but Customer Service is unable to truly track my products and its P___ing me off...I finally found Dubinsky's email and sent her a polite email after reading all the positive results from others who have emailed her...Has anyone else had any luck with returning/replacing their Visor? If so, please share with the group. Thanks.
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    I haven't had any better luck returning my scratched-up visor. I sent it to them on 1/3/00 and they received it on the morning of 1/4/00 (confirmed by USPS). No word from them since then --- certainly no replacement Visor.

    I called the CustomerCare Center today and waited for 20 minutes on hold before I finally talked to someone who was almost no help. She was unable to access the database to see whether/when/if my replacement has been sent and suggested I call back in a week if I haven't received the replacement by then!!!

    I must need to have my head examined, because I ordered a Visor for my wife just after I sent them the scratched up one. No email confirmation, but I did check online and they have my order, so the clock is ticking...

    At the same time of the order for my wife, I ordered two styli from PDAPanache to replace the worthless one that comes with the Visor. They then sent email saying the styli were on back order, but I then received the styli a few days later --- I hope Handspring is consulting with PDAPanache on how to do customer service.

    Now we're sitting here with two very nice styli that are worthless until our Visors arrive. If I have to call again in a week to check on the status of my replacement, I'm going to *very* unpleasant to deal with.

    At this point, I think things have reached a bad enough point that Handspring should be considering offering some sort of olive branch to the unfortunate early adopters of the Visor. It might help build goodwill that will help us recommend the product to others and, in the very least, might reduce the risk of a class action lawsuit.

    I'll update the list when I get my replacement Visor.
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    I have the same problem..I am still waiting for my visor (sent it 1/3/00) I would really like to get it soon. I think i am going to call up and ask but if the other people who called up had no luck i think i will just wait a bit longer

    Greg Moore
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    Got my replacement BVD today! Sent bad one back on January 3 & received in Louisville on January 4. Replacement overnighted to me on January 20 & received by me on January 21.

    It's a bit longer than two weeks, but I didn't need to call again, so I saved the money it would have cost to wait on hold on long distance.
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    Finally some progress! I called HS Customer Service for my usual daily harrassment(by the way, I always use the toll-free number...), and after re-telling my story for the um-teenth time was quickly told "what we are going to do is credit your account for the visor, it is probably lost..." Sounds good to me I says...I decided to go ahead and re-order a GDV since everyone's getting them in a week now...also bargained for a styli 5-pack for my troubles. My wife is enjoying her Visor solo and other than getting some screen protection from the get-go have had no problems with it...If only CS had had their act together from the start this long and grueling process would have never happened. Now for a short week-long wait...we'll see!
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    I sent mine back on Dec. 27th. Handspring received it on Dec. 29th. I am inpatiently waiting for its arrival. I called customer service once and received absolutely no helpful information.

    If anyone that reads this happens to have Donna Dubinsky's email address. Could you please email it to me at

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    I had to get a Blue Visor Deluxe replaced - I got the replacement unit within a week. They sent me the replacement *before* I sent them the defective unit - I think that's standard, isn't it?

    - andy
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    I sent mine back December 2, overnight Fedex-confirmed Handspring rec'd it AM December 3rd; I've called four times (am sitting here on hold (the fifth call), it's been an hour and three minutes). 11 days ago when I last spoke to CS I requested that they credit my account and re-order a new Visor for me. They assured me that I would receive a brand new visor in 4-7 days... well.

    It's been 8 weeks!? Who can I talk to? AARRRRGH!!
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    Email the CEO. Customer service does no good. Supposedly they are overnighting mine tonight after emailing them.
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    Emailed CEO on Tuesday. Received it on Thursday. Wow!

    Too bad it doesn't work how it is supposed to though.
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    I just got a replacement overnighted to me after emailing the CEO. I was contacted within one hour of my email via phone. Told I would receive my replacement in 2 days and they weren't lying. Seems my replacement got switched from a switch to a return and repair as they were waiting for my broken visor. All is well now as I'm a happy customer again. A CEO responding to an email within a half hour is incredible.

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