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    Didn't their parents teach them any manners? I called the today to check the status on my visor, given I did order it on the 23rd but miracles have been known to happen plus I wouldn't call myself the most patient person. I was very polite and gave my order number, name and everything. The guy asked, "when did you order it?" and I told him the 23rd. He said, without hesitation, NOTHING has changed. He didn't even check! And then he added, "It will take 4 weeks", when I pointed out to him that the email to me said it would only take one week, he responded with that was wrong and then hung up! Well I was insulted. I'm getting very temped to go out and buy the latest palm pilot and tell them to take their order and shove it. Every other company I talk to to check my order has been extreemly polite and very generous. I remember when I called etoys to check my order and she laughed and said you ordered it yesterday hun (in a southern accent), it was shipped this morning and should arrive in two-three days. For the etoys thing I was nervous because I thought I clicked the wrong shipping option. Just about every other company I've spoken to has been very polite and patient with me, but handspring must put something in their water because I've never spoken to a more irrational and rude bunch. And from what I've read on these boards, I'm not the only one.
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    I agree the Customer Service Rep you spoke to was extremely rude according to your account of the scenario.

    However, you need to keep in mind that the person you spoke to works for a company that Handspring HIRED. Unfortunately this group reflects poorly on Handspring which their Executive Officers and Customer Relations group are outstanding.

    The CSRs have been dealing with very irate customers who had/have been waiting a lot longer than you have.

    The other thing is you did call about your order only a few days after your order. As for your email stating you would get it in 1 week. I find that rather amazing since the email I got stated 4-6 weeks and the website still states 4 weeks for delivery.

    If I were you I would wait the 4 weeks before you start calling the CSR organization again. In the meantime, write a letter or send an email to the Handspring company outlining your rude encounter with their customer service, and provide them with the name of the rep you spoke to - providing you got their name.
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    I ordered my Visor on the 21st of Jan. Called to check on it the 25th and 26th. They didn't give me much information other than that the order was 'in the warehouse' and that they could give me a tracking number today. Well I received it yesterday.

    I can only imagine how many times the CSRs answer the question, "Where's my Visor? I ordered it 20 minutes ago and I live in Guam." I'd get frustrated, too. It's OK. I whined, too, when I was pre-Visor.

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    Well I have been a customer service rep for a very long time. Even if Hobbes16 called 2 minutes after he ordered it the rep should have been curtious. He should not be in that position if he does not like his job.

    Also, I ordered my visor on the 19th and my email also said it would ship in a week. Not that it has arrived yet.
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    Well I just checked my online statement for my credit card and it says handspring charged me on the 26th. I ordered it on the 23rd. Well I hope it gets here soon, I'm getting impatient!

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