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    I now own a Visor Deluxe. It's, lots of memory, great backlighting. Almost perfect (the one flaw being the easily-scratched screen)

    Based on their product, I'd say Handspring is a great company that is going to make it big. Unfortunately, they seemed to have forgotten that they actually need happy customers...and hence my story.

    I ordered my Handspring on Nov 17. The online ordering system incorrectly doubled-up my Zip code. So I immediately called to have it corrected. They said it was.

    6 weeks later, no handspring. I call again (on hold) and am told my "ZIP code is messed up." Since they couldn't fix it 6 weeks ago, nor could they contact me to tell me there was a problem, I decided to cancel my order and place a new one.

    24 hours later, I had yet to receive my confirmation. I called again (on hold) and am told that my second order is also messed up and that they'd cancel it and make a new, third order. In return for my patience, "Barry" the supervisor would offer me a free case. Fine.

    One week later I decide to check the status of my order. Sure enough, they charged me for my "free" case. I call again (on hold) and they fix it.

    I get my case and my visor. I'm Happy!...

    ...until I get my credit card bill. Yep, they charged me AGAIN for my "free" leather case when it shipped.

    I call again (on hold) and this time I insist that I talk to Barry. After being told that "barry is out and probably won't be back and that there are no other supervisors" the rep takes my info and says "I can't honestly promise that he'll call you back."

    Next day. No reply. I call again (on hold). This time I am told that there are NO supervisors at night and that I'd have to call back at 9 am the next day.

    Next day. I call at 9 am and talk to a different supervisor. I am told that "Barry" works in "Toronto" and that he is the ONLY person in the company that can fix the wrong charges on my credit card. She can't give me his phone number. She can't give me his email address. And she can't promise me if he'll ever return my calls. In addition, she tells me that Handspring has NO WAY of fixing incorrect orders, or even cancelling back orders (I still receive emails from my first two orders saying I should call Handspring to have the information fixed).

    Next day...still no answer. I find the site "VisorCentral" and hope that someone out there has an idea as to why Handspring is ignoring their most critical asset...the customer.

    Thanks for listening. I'm off to play with my $24.95 "free" case...and reluctantly recommend Palm Pilots to anyone that inquires about my new toy.

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    Thanks to several people from this forum, I was able to get Donna Dubinsky's contact information.

    Within a few hours of emailing her, I received a nice email apologizing for everything, a promise that she'd fix it, and a gift as a token of appreciation.

    Thanks Donna! This gives me a bit more faith in the company...let's just hope they can get their customer support team straigtened out before they upset too many more customers.

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