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    I ordered on 1/19, and credit card was charged on 1/25, due to the heavy snow here in Maryland, the postman didn't come today, nor the UPSman.

    but, the order status page on is still saying it "will be shipped within 4 weeks".

    can you guys who have received visors tell me, what does the order status page say?

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    From my knowledge it always says the same thing no matter what. I take it the folks at Handspring are still getting organized.
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    thx, seems like the only thing I can do now is crossing my fingers and wait...

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    I too ordered on 1/19. My card was charged on 1/24.

    I am patiently waiting for the ups man, as I am in Jersey and also had snow yesterday. Hoping it will arrive Thursday.

    Will let you know.
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    the fedex man came this morning, but I was not home
    they said they'll deliver it again this evening, we'll see...

    I really can't wait anymore...
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    Well it's now Thursday no ups man. I am starting to think I should have used fedex

    Maybe it will come tomorrow.
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    Was your credit card charged or authorized? There is a difference.

    I ordered my Visor in November and my card was "authorized" on 12/5. It wasn't received until 12/15. I think the final charged hit after the 15th.
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    No it was charged. I can read my statement online.
    However, before I left for work today I got a package from fedex. I am thinking cool its here , but to my dismay, it was the extra usb port. So I am still waiting for the visor
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    I went to fedex and picked it up just now, it comes with the ice serial cradle, and works!

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