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    When you ordered: 1/22/2000
    When your Visor arrived: 1/27/2000
    Where you live: Charlotte, Michigan
    What method of shipment you requested: Express (what tech. could do any less?)
    What method of shipment was actually used: Fedex (Express)
    How you ordered: Online, this is the 00's
    And the color of your Visor: 2MB - Graphite

    This was actually an order that was supposed to be canceled (ha, yeah right) as I changed it to a VDx (which should be here any day). Of course now I cannot use it with my Windows 2000 system without a serial cradle (since the USB doesn't work right, see So now do I: 1.) Revert to 98SE? 2.) Purchase a serial cradle? 3.) Wait for a driver (Yikes!)

    Troy D. Murray
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    4) Send it to me

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