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    I was wondering where they manufacture/ship Visors from. Anybody know?
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    I read somewhere that manufacturing is done in Malaysia. As for where they actually ship from, I'm not sure but I do not think it's from HS themselves. Something in this little brain of mine seems to recall Utah being mentioned somewhere. Perhaps a 3rd party entity.


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    If you take off the springboard expansion slot cover,
    you will see "made in Malaysia"
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    All 3 visors I've ordered were shipped from the same address:

    48105 Warm Springs Blvd
    Fremont CA 94539

    I have an image of a sparkling warehouse with lines of tractor-trailers that say "Handspring" on the side and FedEx trucks buzzing around....maybe somebody near Fremont can drive by, take a picture, and post it here, so we can see what it REALLY looks like...
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    That sparkling warehouse is probably some third-party logistics provider... could even possibly be someone's garage!!! (just kidding)

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    they are not really selling that many visors, as on 1/19, the first order number is 000119-76331, and the last one is 000119-77773, do a little math here, the total orders are 1442. I didn't have time to check other days, but 1442 shipments in a day for a company like handspring(quite big I imagine), is not too much. (if they work 8 hours a day, that is ~ 180 shipments per hour, or ~3 per minute)

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