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    I am yet another distraught customer.
    I am an IT purchaser and recommender here at UC Davis. I called support for my Deluxe and was on hold from 330pm unitl 511pm when I was diconnected.
    One unhappy customer is worth 20 happy customers and that varies with regards to who the unhappy customer is.

    When I buy a product I am expecting a complete product. I have the hardware and software...the documentation...etc...but I have yet to get support. Any support would be nice...even bad support..but I have gotten no support.

    I really like the product and see future in it as a complete product. Microsoft made it big because it listened to its customers. It always listened and it gave us what we asked for. This seems to be a good rule in successful business. Lets see some from HS.

    David Lock

    PS: Pick a few evangilists out in the HS community...feed us the information and empower us. We will help support the product for you if you can not do it properly yourself. Apple proved you can go FAR by giving away a few shirts to the propeller heads.
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    I know a lot of computer folks who would rapidly disagree with the comment about Microsoft listening to its customers. Before Microsoft put their knowledge base on the web the hold times were incredible to call into support. I have seen, and on occasion still see, complaints about Microsoft customer service, not to mention their products. Look at how many people had problems with Windows CE machines when they came out.

    Perhaps outsourceing their customer service was a less then stellar idea. Customer and technical support for computers is always difficult.

    It is obvious that they were not anticpating the demand for their product, but times are changing. From the shipping log it looks like wait times are coming down, I got mine in 3 business days. A friend of mine ordered a Palm V from Value America that was supposed to come with a bunch of extra software (according to the web site). The V showed up late and without the extra software package.

    On the plus side, the product works. My USB cradle works at home and the serial cradle works at the office. The stylus had no sharp edges.

    One of the things about the internet, like life, is the squeaky wheel gets more press.

    I like my Visor Deluxe, as do the folks in my office who have seen it, and I would have no problem recommending it to anyone.

    My two cents.
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    I, too, am involved in IT purchases etc. at a univerisity and have had to deal with Microsoft and Apple to address problems. Having used the initial Pilot and the Newton MessagePad 2K and now a Visor user, let me say HandSpring is not much different from the above.

    I have found no problems with my Visor and have found a printout of the manual to be helpful. VisorCentral has been a most useful resource for information if I had any questions.

    It's obvious each of us has a different perspective.

    Go HandSpring. Improve your product and your service.
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    Sean Ford at Handspring called me this morning and we spoke about my issues.

    I suggested that he enlist the top posters to the visorcentral boards to evangilize the Visor. To do this Handspring could inform these top owners about issues in the company with regards to product availability, queue hold times for support etc. He has he would look into that.
    We spoke about the growing that Handspring is going thru today tomrrow and yesterday because of the overwelming success of the Visor and associated products.
    My explained that my frustration was with some services that are currently outsourced and he said these are being studied and upgraded when possible.
    I explained I will be patient and look forward to seeing all the good advancements that will be coming from Handspring.

    Until then I will evangilize the Company, the product and talk it up with the undersatnding that there still exist issues to be fixed. My confidence is very mcuh higher now.

    I now feel I have a complete product.


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