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    Well, first let's start w/ the good news.When my visor's screen cracked for no apparent reason, I was greeted by the news from handspring that they would send me a new visor free of charge.
    now, the bad news. That was 2 and a half weeks ago.Still no visor.I'm gettin kind of discouraged.I called last night and they told me that I should recieve it by the end of the week.I don't wanna wait another week!
    I guess this is just another problem w/ handspring's CS.
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    Nobody from Customer Service is going to help you.

    I finally emailed the CEO. Supposedly they are overnighting it today. We'll see what happens. I even have the cell phone number of their repair manager in case it doesn't get here.

    Email me and I should be able to help you out.

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