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    My VDx screen's shattered when I dropped it onto the sidewalk! Has this happened to anyone else, or am I the only *****?

    Anyway, after an hour on hold, the Customer Service people told me that they could rush out a new one in 72 hours for $85.00, and all I would have to do is send the old one back as soon as I got it.

    It's been 9 days now, and no replacement Handspring. Did this happen to anyone else?

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    You are not the first to drop and break their Visor. Check out the horror stories here:

    This is why I'm getting a Rhodiana case, to provide a measure of drop protection.
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    Seether, the procedure is to call and get an RMA number, then return the Visor. Then, after they receive your broken one, they'll send you a replacement --- they say it takes "one to two weeks," but it's been almost two week for me with no word or Visor.

    If you still haven't received a replacement, they may still be waiting for you to send your bad one. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the help Paul,

    I'll send off my VDx tommorrow. 2 weeks? That seems like an eternity. Hope yours arrives soon.

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    On the optimistic side, my replacement visor arrived yesterday, exactly a week after I sent my broken one out.
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    i sent my old visor back 1/3/99 and i am still waiting. It has been two weeks and i E-mailed them with my serial #. They said they found my visor and would be sending me a replacment tonight and it would arrive tommorow. It is 3:52 and i don't think it is going to get here

    Greg Moore
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    I sent my OVD back with a defective screen on Dec 2. They recieved it on Dec 6. I still havent got my replacement!!!!! Unbeleivable!!!! I've called CS about 4 times, each person has a different story. " We are just really busy right now...."
    "We'll send out your replacement in 10 days"
    And finally the last time I talked with them they told me 2 weeks max. Tommorow it will be 2 weeks. I'm not hopeful. I wish I could e-mail someone at handspring because this is crazy! By the time I get mine I could buy one in retail!!! If I dont get mine by tommorow I'm going to demand a refund. I placed my order in late October!!!!!! I only had it for a few days!!! My life is in chaos. Forces of the universe please help me!!!!

    Has anyone had any trouble getting a refund? I hope not. I'm ready to hire a lawyer.

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    Well, it's now 2 1/2 weeks into my 1 to 2 week wait and still no Visor. On top of that, my wife's new Ice Visor came today --- ordered just 12 days ago (that's five days *after* they received my bad visor!!). Clearly, Handspring is getting its act together on new orders, but somebody still needs to buy them a clue on how to deal with replacements.

    I've got a busy day tomorrow, but I'm going to try to make time for a long wait on hold, followed by a friendly chat with one of their representatives. I'm going to try to be polite and patient, but I'm not sure I'm going to succeed.
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    I received my replacement BVDx today! 17 days after they received my bad one --- no follow up call necessary.

    This should give hope to the others who are waiting for their replacements.

    BTW, the replacement was sent from Louisville, not from their Fulfillment Center in Fremont, CA (that's who sent my wife's one that came yesterday). The FedEx receipt says "Jabil Global Services," which makes it look like they're outsourcing their repair/replacement efforts.

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