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    I ordered my visor at the end of november, and recieved it at the end of December. - sucked, but I expected it due to the 4-6 week wait they had at the time.

    It came in broken - it sucks the life out of a brand new set of energizers in about 2 days, and the up button would intermittantly power the unit on and off.

    I called tech support, and an obviously new person came on the line, and proceeded to "help" me with instructions on a hard reset - like I hadn't already tried it a million times.

    After that didn't work, he instructed me as to how to return the unit. - mail it back, then they will mail you a replacement, blah blah blah, about another week wait. I asked him if we could do a cross shipment (and explained what that meant to him). He said they could do it, and he would get the new unit out to me ASAP. One week goes by, I thought he didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about, and was just about to call customer service again so I could return my unit when FedEx showed up - not only did they send me a perfect replacement, but they added a FedEx return shipment label in the box, so I didn't have to pay for shipping!

    WOW! Now THAT is customer service. I expected to be without my beloved palm device for 3-4 weeks, even though I REALLY needed it to keep track of all my appointments now that I sold my old palm. Instead, I never had to be without at all, and the new unit works flawlessly so far.

    Now if the developers could just get on the ball, I'd like to get that GPS, 6-pak, and fold-out keyboard to go with it.
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    I hate to say it, but having been in retail for many years, that was the least Handspring should have done for you. This company may have the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to PDA's, but when it come to custmer service they have dropped the ball more times then they have completed the pass. Ok out there hold up your hands if or Handspring offered the same product line who would you buy from? Lets see Outpost offers to have the delivery of instock items in your hand by 10:00am as long as you ordered it by 12:00 pm the night before. OK no tax no shipping thrown in too. Ok they even send you an email when they get your order thanking you for the order and then they send you an email telling you they shipped it the next day. Is this a fantasy world, no this is ecommerce and Handspring should wake up smell the cappacino or whatever else they drink in Cailfornia and drop kick their ecommerce divivion and ship everything they can to Ohio. No I don't work for and yes I'm sure this company makes mistakes. But when I find service like I get from them I shop over and over again. Handspring Director of Customer Service you are not getting the job done. Plain and simple and in the world of ecommerce with bulletin boards like this your company does not get a first chance to do a bad job never mind a second chance. I bought my Visor from you directly but nothing ever again will I order from you.
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    "I bought my Visor from you directly but nothing ever
    again will I order from you."

    This is so true. If I could buy another one from ANYWHERE else, I would
    I wonder if they could also out-source their customer support?
    I hope all this is just growing pains...
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    ah yes, i know this well. i have called their customer "care" number twice now asking for a replacement for my faulty visor. ive waited over 2 months. nothing so far.

    and yes, i will never buy anything from them again. period.

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