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    PURE Discrimination of Canadian Orders!!!!!!

    I ordered Blue Visor Deluxe and Serial cable Oct 13, 1999. (Birthday present)
    I have called 14 times for order status update. (Post 6 week delivery promise)
    3 CSR's promised escalation of order.
    1 CSR promised call back - did not.
    Cut off last call by CSR.

    I know that these CSR's are located in Toronto but the company must have a blatant disregard and must practice systemic discrimination of Canadians. Why can't they fulfill? I am itching to broadcast this stupidity to every newsgroup with an IT flavour!


    What is Donna D's email?

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    Oh, come off it. Why is it that alomost every minority complains about discrimination?
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    Aw come on, just like a Canadian - with your beady little eyes and your flapping heads!

    Just joking, guys...that South Park movie has warped my fragile little mind
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    David: you are joking, right? I think Handspring screws everyone in a fair and orderly manner Cancel your order (should've done that a month ago and go get a Palm Pilot. That is waaay too long to wait...but I can almost assure you it has nothing to do with being from Canada (but that does make me laugh...hahaha).
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    Being a canadian (as mentioned by my username) i didn't see any discrimination...infact i talked on the phone with some CSR's and we discussed weather 'back home' etc. And not only was i not discriminated against, but i've received my fair share of free visors, serial cradles and 5 pack stylus'.

    so i don't think it's the 'canadian' part that's causing the problem with your order.

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