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    As the 1st quarter of the year 2000 drags on and on with no Visors in sight of retail stores (one of my co-workers just called Staples here in town and they had no clue what a Visor was...) and it seems everyone who ordered on the web is getting there Visors in roughly 4 days (hooray!!) it's coming to the point where I must have one of these lovely contraptions. Plus, I'm the head Visor information guru here at work and everyone is contemplating getting one or not, so for all you who have ordered recently (past 2 weeks) would you suggest ordering one now? If so, how did you order? Any shipping snafus? Any other problems you know about? Any info will be appreciated.
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    Also, has anyone bought Visors in bulk yet? I've got about 10 to 15 possible "customers" (friends, employees, etc.) who are interested, but I would like to get a little price break if possible...

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