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    I ordered a GVD on 1/12/00 and it appears on their confirmation web page with the correct order number but I did not get an email confirmation. So I called Handspring and they can NOT find my order!!!! Told me to call in a week! Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone got an email confirmation?

    The woman from Handspring told me they are cutting over to a new order entry system and may be the web orders have not rolled over!

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    There was a previous discussion about email confirmations. I believe there were a number of folks who did not get an email confirmation and still got their Visor.

    There was also some talk of the CRS' database being a week behind so you may need to wait a week before you can even verify it is in the system.

    You can confirm you rorder via the website and that is about as close to an electronic confirmation as you'll get. If you try emailing Donna D. you'll pretty much be told that the info on the web for confirmation is accurate.

    So sit tight and don't worry about it until you reach your 4 week mark.
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    I placed my order tonight at 9:00 pm. The order was in the database as soon as I got to the web page after confirmation AND the email was in my inbox within 3 minutes!!!

    I'm taking all this as a good sign... please don't burst my bubble....

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    I placed my order this afternoon for an IVD, back up module, and stylii via the web, and immediately received email notification of my order. Now the agonizing wait begins. Hope my IIIe keeps on purring...
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    I ordered my Visor a month ago. Didn't receive a confirmation email until a day before I received my visor (two weeks later). I am assuming that since your order is on their website, it is in their system. Hopefully everything works out okay.

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    I ordered my visor on Nov.4, got instant e-mail notification, and still do not have the visor! I have made 17 phone calls, talked to 17 people, or the same people many times, and each one claims to be "fixing" the problem. Last night the guy cancelled my order and took a new one and "promised"to expedite it, but not even an offer of a shipping upgrade! I wrote to the main office and they just replied via e-mail and maybe monday they can figure out what's going on. Can't believe people are getting these in mere weeks instead of months! It had better be an awesome product.
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    Thanks Joe. I hope this is also my case and I get the Visor.

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    It's here!!!!

    Ordered Fri 1/14/00 @ 9:00 pm via the web. Had online and email confirmation within minutes. The FedEx man knocked on the door at 2:15 today (Wed 1/19/00). All in all, I'd call that 2 days (not counting the weekend, the order would have been processed on Mon 1/17/00).

    I'm impressed with HS and even more impressed with this c l Ice VDx, USB & Serial cradles, and 5-pak stylus. Ok, so they backordered the belt clip case... no big deal! This thing ain't gonna be outta my hand for very long anytime soon!!!

    I hope the rest of you have the same good fortune... and hopefully those that have been waiting an exceptionally long time... hang in there... the wait is DEFINITELY worth it.

    Time to go play with this toy some more...


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    I got my visor on 1/18/2000. With no confimation email and customer service not having my order I got it.

    It is so cool! Sorry for the delay in posting the good news.... was busy with the new toy!

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