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    Ordered my BVDx on Friday night on-line express shipping. I realize that I "eat" Sat and Sun (non busines days). It is now Wednesday evening, hoping I would have seen it by now. What have others experienced time wise with express shipping. not sure how long I should expect.

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    I ordered on a Tuesday morning with Express Shipping and received my IVD on Friday morning in Seattle. I ordered on January 4, 2000.

    I was expecting a 6 week wait... boy was I surprised ;-)

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    Ordered my IVDx with USB/Serial, 5-pak stylus, and belt-clip case on Fri 1/14/00. The FedEx guy knocked on my door at 2:15 today (Wed 1/19/00). The package had everything 'cept for the case (no big deal 'cause this thing ain't gonna leave my hands for days!!!).

    Very cool... er... useful gadget!
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    Hmmmm. I ordered my IVDX, stylii, serial cradle and backup springboard on Friday the 14th with express shipping. No delivery yet to my MD address.

    I want my Visor! Yeah, I know I am too impatient, like a child waiting to open gifts.
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    I odered my BVDx on Sunday evening (1/16) w/Express shipping and it arrived early this afternoon! Pretty good considering Monday was a holiday.


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