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    Thank you to all who responded to my earlier question. I have decided to keep the Visor afterall and give my IIIx to my dad. By the way, the Ice Visor is nicely put together - feels solid. The only complaints I have are the cheap stylus and soft screen. I did not receive any compensation automatically from Handspring despite waiting over 10 weeks!
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    For those Canadians who just can't wait to get a Visor, I'd like to briefly tell you how easy/quick it was to get mine.

    I ordered a GVD on 7. December via the web and I had it sent to Mailboxes Etc. in Niagara Falls, NY (one must call ahead). It took exactly two weeks to for it to arrive. They charge US$5 for receiving a package and US$1 for every day that it sits on their shelf. I declared it at customs, as I did not want any hassles. They dinged me C$59.66.

    The one hour drive from Mississauga was well worth it.

    If anyone would like the address or phone number for the Mailboxes Etc. I used and/or directions, just e-mail me. It is about 5 minutes from the border.

    ../mk - GVD delivered in 14 days!
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    I called CS again Tuesday night. I'd received one of those e-mails a couple of weeks ago, had responded and was waiting for my GVD to arrive. I wanted to find out if it would make it before the New Year.

    After finding out that it was still in the warehouse, I was told by a supervisor that there have been problems with shipping Canadian orders. When asked, she didn't know what the nature of the problem was. She also said that many Canadian orders were being shipped Tuesday & Wednesday (28th & 29th).

    After reading the post by Steve (see "For Great Service, go to the top" thread) I believe the supervisor's statement to be another crock. However, if you're inclined to believe this person, the shipping update may represent some hope/good news for you.

    My personal advice: it's worked for others, so if you still want the thing, send an e-mail to Donna Dubinsky on her return from holidays. As for me, I'm out. After waiting over 12 weeks and having nothing but frustration to show for it, it's time to move on.

    Perhaps I'm not totally empty-handed though. I do have a great e-commerce horror story to share with clients who want to rush into web presence before all aspects of the organization ready for it!

    Happy New Year all.

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    I got the thing today, and it's a work of art! I'm glad I got the blue.

    It came COD for GST/PST via FedEx in case anybody is wondering.

    Also, check out today's Globe in the Technology section about the thing.

    Just in time for the new year...
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    well I think it is official now .. I have the oldest outstanding order yet.. ORderd 2 VDX on 9/27 via phone.. I have recived 2 phone calls from Handsprings to confurm and correct the mistakes.. 1 email to Donna D. to express my fuustrations.. got another call from Barbra the next day to correct the mistake . promised that it would e shipped that day.. via US priority mail ( they cannot fedex anything to canada. (lol) called the next day to tell me that she has the conformation that the units has been maild ( thats now over 3 weeks ago).. still no visors. I did recive my new cases 2 days after the email to Donna, and one day after barbra promised that the visors had been maild but the cases are on back order. I emaild BArbra to let her know that the cases has arrived via Fedex ( gave her the tracking # and the sender name and address) she quicky replied to me that they have absolutly now way of sending any product via fedex. (lol) so now xmas come and gone.. no visor. and now the y2k is here and still no visor.. I guess when the weather warms up . the Puppy dog that they taped my package to will be able to walk up here to canada so that I can finaly recieve my visor some time in may or maybe sept 27/2000.. that would be good .. but it will be 4-6 wks from 9/27/2000..

    very very unhappy
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    I ordered more than a week before you... I'm still the record holder...


    I'm a name not a #! Oh, wait a sec,... I guess I'm both...
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    Sorry to be so cheerful here... but I just received a call from my Seattle friend saying that the 3 Blue Visor Deluxes (that one of my Vancouver friends had ordered Express to his address on Dec 21) have arrived today Jan 4!! 2 weeks exactly!!

    Browsing through the Visor received log, it does appear that Handspring has finally solved its shipping problems in the past month. So, to those who are waiting to order and wondering how to order one to Canada, enlist the help of a US friend! And to those early orderers (ie pre-November) who are still waiting for their Visors, be patient as it'll take closer to 8-10 weeks. If you still don't receive it after that, you'll definitely want to contact someone higher up eg. Donna D to confirm and verify your info.

    Myrddin, Stuart142, I sympathize with you. You might want to re-order one to a cross-border friend (or mailbox, as I've seen somewhere on this thread) in the US. Very likely, you'll receive it in 2-3 weeks; then you can refuse the original order when/if it comes later, which it most likely will.
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    Just for the record, my blue Visor arrived yesterday, with serial cradle and leather case I ordered all in one box. I ordered Nov 15th so that makes one day over 8 weeks... Well it sure is nice to have it, but it was a frustrating wait - my sympathies to those who ordered waaay before me!
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    I ordered on October 22, and it was received at my Waterloo address TODAY... that makes my wait a brutal 12 WEEKS! I haven't picked it up yet, and I'm strongly hoping that it doesn't have any defects.

    I've noticed that Handspring's database and order consolidation processes were wrong since day one, and still are. Many of us have been called/e-mailed numerous times to correct info that wasn't wrong in the first place... this communication was to meant to reset our 'order date' to the time we make the 'correction/confirmation'. I've called recently, and their database thinks I ordered on Dec. 13!!! The nerve they have to overlook how long I've waited!!

    On top of all this, I'm certain all of us have realized that they are working with at least three databases: original read-only (I don't have a clue in hell why this is), a corrections database, and a shipping database.

    Each inquiry to Handspring leads to nowhere. I've called more times than I can count, e-mailed Donna, e-mailed Susan, talked to different supervisors, have been promised to be called back, the whole works!!! Had those important few who drew up the ordering process slept 4 extra hours the night before, they would have saved Handspring time, money, and reputation. It's really too bad... they launched the same weekend as Palm VII, but their preparation was lacking big-time.

    Losing an odd customer is trickier to do than losing them all.

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    Sorry to jump in here - I am not Canadian, but German. But it applies, since we 'international' people are all in the same boat.

    I have found someone who would be willing to order a Visor.

    How can I make sure I get the Visor, and the other one gets the money ?

    Any suggestions ?

    Thanks and regards
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    PURE Canadian Discrimination!!!!!!

    I ordered Oct 13, 1999.
    I have called 14 times. (Post 6 week delivery promise)
    3 CSR's promised escalation of order.
    1 CSR promised call back - did not.
    Cut off last call by CSR.


    What is Donna D's email? I am a patient Canadian Boy but + 12 weeks is hard to stomach.

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