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    I wonder how useful that number would be, since you aren't in their new database until just before they contact you. Do you give them your proper email address or telephone number?

    From their explanation it seems this is the situation.

    1) First database --> given to shipping --> order processed --> Visor shipped and delivered --> everyone is


    2) First database --> given to shipping --> order rejected --> info transferred to new database of "problem orders" --> person contacted.

    However, it seems they're still in the process of transferring the information. That's what they told others last week or earlier and what they told me last weekend, and I wasn't contacted until yesterday. So it would seem that the number would be useless unless you've already been contacted, because you wouldn't even be in their new database. Kinda stupid. Anyway, I'm just kind of hesitant but if you don't hear something next week then give me your email address...

    By the way, this new number is still for that order centre on Bloor St and NOT directly to their shipping centre down the States.
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    P.S. I ordered Oct. 23 and was contacted Dec. 9. So that's 6.5 weeks until I was contacted.

    I didn't ask for any freebies for my troubles, but maybe I should have.
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    So there's a new "Wrongful" db? oh mine, this is better than my fav soap show. And yes, on the last successful contact w/ handspring I double checked every info and only the CC had mistakes. I'm definitely feeling a bit relieved to know that they do in fact email/reach out to their customers. oh I will definitely ASK for bonuses. Getting quite good at that.
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    Receive my Visor after 12 week, some ******* stole it after 1 week.
    i have 2 craddle (1 serial and 1 usb) + 4 stylus (miss the black)
    anyone interested to buy it ?
    if you leave in Montreal, free of charge !
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    Sorry to hear about the Visor. If I see someone with a Graphite Deluxe without USB and with the upgraded stylus, I'll break his legs for ya. (Just kidding... maybe.)

    Sure. I'll buy the stylus 4-pack - I just wanted blue and ice anyway. I'll also consider buying the cradles (esp. serial) but I don't really need them - nice to have backup though.

    If you live anywhere near Brossard I could have my friend take it off your hands and pay you if you could drop it off.

    Otherwise, if you're willing to ship to Toronto... email me your number and we can deal with the specifics via phone.


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    Just called Handspring CustomerCare this
    afternoon, at (716) 871-6442. The CSR
    was helpful, and is having my Graphite
    Visor Deluxe + Serial cradle 're-routed.'

    The Story So Far:
    I placed my order over the phone on Oct. 15.
    My ship-to address was recorded
    incorrectly. I had it corrected Nov 8th,
    11th, and 17th. This was done via the 888

    On Nov. 22 I called CustomerCare at the
    716 number. They verified that my ship-to
    address was correct in their database.

    My CC was billed on the 22nd of November.
    On Dec. 01, I called CustomerCare; they said
    my order had shipped priority mail on
    Nov. 20.

    When I spoke with the CSR today, she said
    she'd have another GVdx + Serial cradle
    sent to me, probably via FedEx. We'll
    see if this shipment makes it here....

    BTW, I didn't hit them up for freebies.
    I think greater than 8 weeks warrants
    something, yeah?
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    Well, no Visor yet after 7.5 weeks.

    I called last Thursday in response to their email only to find all my info was basically correct (see above - ordered 10/23). I phoned back today and it seems like it hasn't yet been shipped. They will "expedite" it. I seem to recall hearing that before somewhere... Oh well, while I didn't truly expect to get it before Xmas, I really hoped that would happen.

    On a lighter note, my second 250 Mb Zip drive (for work) finally arrived.
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    Well, That`s it for me; I was waiting, before ordering, for handspring to settle their shipping problems, instead, they cut us (Canadians) off. Two bad for them.

    I bought a Palm Vx last Sunday. This is my first PDA. I love it. No problems, everything works just fine. I have absolutely no regrets. I could still be waiting on Handspring, instead, I'm finding all sorts of great software to put on my Palm. Plus, its good to know that if I ever have a problem, 3Com will be there FAST !!

    Good luck to all of you still waiting.
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    just receive an e-mail from handspring asking to call because my order have some problem, i called, and i discover than my credit card number has been screw up, and she said than i can expect to have my visor in my door next week BUT what is strange is i have ALREADY receive my visor Deluxe 3 week ago, but one $%^&* ******* stole mine 2 week ago, and i get 3 com vx from my insurance companie, my question is why handspring my order in the database if i already receive....... i need to soeak with donna again regarding this.......
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    I think this Handspring order SNAFU thing is getting contagious.

    Got my third Zip drive today. (Bought one in the store - ordered one more - received a total of three.)

    If I only had that problem with the Visors.
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    Well, guess what! After getting an orange stylus from rubberdemon today, I came home to see that my IVDx had arrived!! After 7 weeks (and one day) of waiting, I would say that the Visor is definitely worth it! For those Canadians who are still waiting, be assured in knowing that Handspring is really trying their very best to catch-up on deliveries. Call them up if you don't receive anything after 6-7 weeks.
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    I believe that puts you in the top ten for documented Canadian Visors. Congrats!

    (Make sure you're in the log.)
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    Well, I might be on the top ten list.

    I ordered my Visor on October 6th, canceled it around the 20th of Octover or so. Anyhow, after all of this, they charged my Credit Card around the 22nd of November. I never got the until until today. (December 17th) I'm really ticked off at Handspring at this point. I've been fighting with them daily to try to get my money back. The did credit me some but short changed me some $55. At this point, I'm tempted to go to Canada Post, pick up the Unit and cancel my credit card... I never want to deal with these people again. Talk about unethical behavior....

    Oh well, just wanted to grip a little...

    BIG Thumbs down here!!!

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    Finally it is here - a shiny new IVD. I ordered on 11/1 so they weren't that far off the 6 weeks. I hope it was worth the wait and the hassle. My Dad ordered his on 10/2 and still nothing but an e-mail saying they forgot the last 2 digits of his credit card.
    Good luck to those of you still waiting.
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    Well December 21st will be six weeks and still no vdlx. Although I have not got the hardware in my hand I managed to get a rom which will enables me to emulate any number of palm devices IIIx, V, or VII on my PC with memory from 128k to 8mb. Yeah, yeah I no emulation does not replace the real thing for the time being it will do. So I'm checking out all the various palm software archives and realizing the potential of the PalmOS and not counting the weeks and getting P'd off at HandSpring.
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    Finally I got it!!

    After 7 weeks and many emails to Donna Dubinsky my blue VD as finally arrived!
    Got it by fedex and was charged $ 55.49 for taxes.

    It's a great machine!
    This is my first handheld and I love it!

    Let's just hope that Handspring can overcome all there problems and still be here next year!

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    So, many "corrected orders" did NOT ship, even after correction. They dunno why.

    Candice, did you ever get the email for the "wrongful" database?


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    Crap...It's good to hear that people have gotten their VDx's... I ordered mine at the end of Sept, got billed on Nov.20 for the unit and then on Dec 6 for the backup module that went out separately (though I ordered them at the same time). It's Dec 20th and still no shipment. Y2K will get here before the Visor will

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    I've been following this thread since I had ordered an Ice Visor Deluxe on Oct 15th, but cancelled Oct 28th after buying a Palm IIIx.

    Guess what? My Visor came (well I don't actually have it in my hands, but the FEDEX bill and CC bill all indicate that I should have it tomorrow. I haven't decided what to do yet, keep it, give it to my brother-in-law, or sell it. Anyone in the Toronto (Mississauga) area interested in making an offer? Try me at
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    Well, it's a little under 9 weeks for me now... not quite the 9 or 10 week point I said a few weeks ago I'd wait until, but I finally broke down and emailed double D. I had been calling about once or twice per week for the last few weeks, and yesterday again I was told that there was no additional information. I went through all of my information, only to yet again confirm that all is correct. (As usual, the person on the other end was very polite.)

    Anyways, in my email I asked if there were any specific issues with our Canadian orders that may account for the delay. Here's the response:

    She's away until after the New Year. Oh well, I guess if anyone needs a vacation, it's her, as do all the harried workers in the order centre.


    P.S. Ironically, I already own two extra cradles and some styli, thanks to Dr. Phreak (and his unfortunate Visor situation).

    P.P.S. The same day I posted this message I received yet another email from the order centre saying that there was a problem with my order. So I phone back yet again to find out all info is correct. Plus, the person there says that as of right now, the Blue VDx's are backorderd, and that one cannot change the order to a different colour. That is on top of their problems they are having with their shipments to Canada. This is extremely frustrating and rates in the top three for worst customer service I have ever experienced.

    Make that three times for the email. I got another one today.

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