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    I'm happy camper now, i just get my visor deluxe with the right color (graphite), right leather case (orange), but without the serial craddle 8-(
    ship from warehouse 23 / 11
    get 28 / 11
    order 16/09 over the pgone
    finally this device rock more than palm 3x
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    I'm just disappointed after an hour long hold to the CSR. They tell me if I cancel my order, it won't necessarily be cancelled. So, I'm stuck with no viable options but to wait for the bloody thing to arrive. Like I said previously, my Oct 5th phone order was not found in the shipping database... Whatever that really means. So, I'm wondering now, if anyone from Canada who had placed an order on or before October 5th has received their's yet? I have written to Donna, and she said that they will try to find out the status of my order. But alas, she is away until after December 2nd.

    Palm Vx looks great, but *not* at its current price.

    Someone, show me the light! PS, how do you put those icons in the message content?
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    You just made an icon in your message! Just type it out and the discussion board's website will interpret and display the appropriate emoticon.

    Regarding the Palm Vx, I've seen it selling at Costco in Canada for C$600 before taxes, so it's around $200 more than a comparable VDx. Which isn't too bad considering the smaller form factor and sleek cool "executive design" of the Vx, but the Springboard port (or lack thereof) may be a deciding factor for some people looking for future expandability.

    An Oct 27 IVDx orderer, still (im)patiently waiting... wish I had also ordered some styluses at the same time too...

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    Received at long last!
    Ordered Sept 14
    Arrived Nov 30 via Canada Post
    Vancouver, BC
    (Sorry, tracking details are at work.)

    Definitely, definitely worth the wait, if for nothing more than the better screen and the extra memory. It just would've been nice if Handspring could've been more upfront about their woes, the sooner the better.

    Hats off to Donna and Sandy, too. Even though they often couldn't give my colleague and me the answers we wanted to hear, they kept cool and never lost touch with us.
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    Congratulations Vancouvercanuck, there's hope for the rest of us! I can only take this as a ray of hope - mine was supposedly shipped on the 18th, so it should be here any second now. Really.

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    Hey, what do you know! My girlfriend just called to say Canada Post was at the door with my Visor, but as they wouldn't take my credit card information (need the actual card), I'll need to go to the local outlet today and pick it up, after paying my $56 or so.

    Ordered: 17th September
    Shipped: 18th November
    Received: 1 December

    I'm still irked at the two week transit time (plus the ten weeks or so since I ordered it), and the poor communication from Handspring. But mostly just extremely relieved. Now I can graduate to checking the other forums eight times a day instead of just this one! :-)

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    All Canadian Orders Shipped?

    This is the latest from HS Website:
    "Canadian orders: All Canadian orders with valid information have shipped. You will be contacted if your order didn't ship because of credit card problems or other order information issues. We will no longer be taking Canadian orders until we begin shipping internationally early next year."

    How many Canadians have ordered and not had their CC charged? Mine has not, and since I have conirmed every piece of the order with them I cannot imagine why there would be a "credit card problem or other order issue".

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    Hey rubberdemon! It is our turn to congratulate you! We will surely miss the one who started this forum and you have certainly deserved it on your "graduation" from here. You said that Canada Post delivered your unit: which method of delivery did you specify on your order?

    BruceMC: As I understand it, if you had ordered the Visor after Oct25 or so, you should not have to worry, because Handspring supposedly corrected their database problems after that date. They don't bill your CC until they actually ship your Visor, so you may want to check your CC account daily starting in your 4th week post-order. Then there is the 5-7 days wait for the delivery... I guess if there was a problem with the CC info, then they will find out at time of billing and notify the customer, and then there will be some more waiting... :-P

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    Rubberdemon, congratulations! You're lucky. Hope some of it can rub on the rest of us poor Canucks.
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    Well I don't feel terribly lucky after waiting since Sept 17th, but I am immensely glad not to be waiting and waiting any longer.

    I'm new to the Palm OS (Refugee from winCE) so I'll be spending the next few days getting aquainted with my new toy (and unloading my old Nino). Already I can say I do like it a great deal - syncing was fast and sweet, and I like the way it looks and feels in the hand. I'll be buying goodies soon: NimH batteries and a case of some sort.

    Visordoc: it came priority post from Canada Post to my door, which is because it was shipped USPS Priority (if shipped on the 18th as they said, it took almost two weeks to get here). I specified ground UPS but I believe all CDN orders are priority post, though I don't know why - perhaps because of the price. I had to pay $56 in GST and PST to get it. Interestingly, the customs declaration read 'computer software'.

    Good luck to all other Canucks awaiting, and I'll see the rest of you on the other boards here. Also, Visordoc and I will be splitting a pack of styli - if any other Canadians, especially ones in Vancouver, are interested in buying one, let one of us know.

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    Rubberdemon, thank your lucky stars they DIDN'T ship it UPS Standard ground. On top of your GST/PST, you would have had to pay another $34 in brokerage fees. (See previous messages.) Back in Oct., when I emailed them and then called, I told them that specifically. It seems that they may have known that already, because the order guy stated to me that no matter what had been stipulated on web or phone orders, NO Canadian orders would be shipped UPS ground. Here, Handspring saved you lots of money without you even knowing it. I think US Priority Mail for packages is more than UPS ground by the way, but I'm not sure.

    Anyways, congrats on the new toy.

    For those of you looking to cancel your orders, see my new topic.

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    Good news -- I think.

    I ordered an OVx on Oct 26th. Today, the serial cradle showed up. The packing slip indicates that the visor itself shipped 11/23, so I guess I should see it pretty soon.

    FWIW it seems that there is a considerable mismatch between the ship date (as recorded on the packing info) and the date of actual shipment. The postmark on the shipping box for the cradle was Nov 29 (monday) -- That's pretty good!

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    I ordered my Graphite Vdx on September 24th and still no charge to my CC. Someone from Handspring called me 2 weeks ago to get CC info I had already given them and to tell me it would ship that week. Still no sign.

    I wrote a very angy note to the email address on the handspring site and received no reply at all. There's customer service for you.

    I really want to write Donna. It seeems like some people are benefitting from her help. Can anyone send me her email address?? I don't want to spend one more cent calling their office long distance!!!

    If nothing happens, I guess I will cancel my order and get a Palm Vx. If I had known the grief I was getting into I would have happily spent more money to get a Palm right away...
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    While it might work, I don't think that hassling the CEO is appropriate. Anyway, publishing private email addresses on this website without the person's permission is a big no no.
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    Dear Eug,

    While I agree hassling CEOs is not a nice thing to do, I do believe that senior executives of company's are responsible for the actions of all of their business units. In fact, this is true legally as well as from a business point of view.

    My intention in writing Donna would not be to harrass her, but rather to seek her assistance, as the corporate leader of Handpring, through a very frustrating customer experience. I assume that the reason she replies to the notes that she does get is because she wants to be seen as being responsive to customer concerns. This is an important and central role of the CEO of any consumer product company.

    Besides, 9 weeks later I have no information about my order and no replies to notes sent through the channels suggested on the Handspring website. I think that escalation to senior managment at this point is quite normal and reasonable.

    Lastly, I did not ask that anyone post her email address on the discussion board, but only that it be sent to me privately.

    I have kep my cool through numerous unhelpful CSR experiences over the last 9 weeks and I am certainly not going to lose it now with Donna.

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    OK then... I think releasing a private email address to another member is poor form too. Publishing it on a website is much worse though I agree. However, to me a private email address is like an unlisted number, and giving that away is crossing the line. Who knows though... If I have to wait another 3 weeks (I'm at about 6 now) then maybe I'll feel differently.

    P.S. Why don't you just call them? If you call later in the evening, wait times are like 10 minutes. It's toll free.

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    I called this morning and gave up after 45 minutes. I'll try waiting until the evening. Thanks - that's a good tip.

    In the meanwhile, my search for a Palm Vx will continue...
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    I was lucky enough to recieve my visor about two weeks ago. I'm in Vancouver, BC. Where are you living (that haven't recieved a visor yet)?

    Richard Kettner
    Handspring Weekly Editor
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    I'm in Toronto ... where their office is located ...
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    Well Eug I am in the same boat. I order Sept 27th after at least 3 phone call in mid OCT to confirm my order and Data stil no visor. then about 3 weeks ago I got a call from Rick from Handsprings to confirm my Data. it was all correct except my Postal code.. he told me it would be shipped at the end of the week.. I called back the next week. (I kept his office Phone # on my call display)and he said that shipping was backed up and that it was definatly on its way.. My wife was finaly able to get threw this AM t find out that the Postal code was still wrong, thats why it hasnt shipped.. the Americans are not use to postal Codes so tehy didnt see that there was 3 #'s in the last 3 places and not # letter # like it is supose to ( they had a 4 in place of and x.. shrug) so if you do get hold of them make sure you confirm the postal code..

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