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    According to Canada Customs, you don't have to pay duties and taxes if your mail item:

    is a gift worth $60 or less; or
    is worth $20 or less.

    Anyone sending a package to Canada by mail will have to fill out one of the green customs declaration forms that ask you to identify the package and its value. If it is a gift, then it must be identified as such.

    For packages with a value of more than $20 or $60 for a gift, duty and taxes will have to be paid on the declared amount. Duty is only applicable to goods that are not covered by the Free Trade agreement. I believe computer equipment is exempt.

    However, GST and in some provinces, PST is applicable, no matter what the dutiable status of the good. GST applies to all items, and Canada Post collects PST in Quebec and Manitoba. Also, there is a $5 handling fee for all packages that are charged tax and/or duty.

    Full information is at:

    I have heard that some scofflaws have sent expensive material claiming it is documents or as gifts under $60 to claim the exemption. Canada Customs can open any package over 30 grams without your or the senders permission to ensure you are telling the truth. I don't know how much material is opened, but I imagine with the Christmas rush there will be an awful lot of gifts flowing across the border very soon.

    Hope this helps.

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    It's Thursday and still no delivery!
    I also left cash for my wife to pay the extras to Mr.Postman. (hopefully that's all she would have given him) but no such luck.
    We're leaving for vacation on Saturday and I was really looking forward to using the program "Planetarium" while viewing the skies in the Bahamas. I Also wanted to have something new to play with on the plane.
    Friday is the last day, I had better #!*@ing receive it. I've lost all optimism now. It would'nt surprise me if it's still sitting in some warehouse in California despite the fact that I was told a week ago that it shipped.
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    Really I don't think we want to flood you with written rules of the land. Do as I do when I shop in the US. I just put all my clothes in my luggage then mail myself my own bills in an envelope.

    Simply put, ask your friend to put the Visor in a bigger used box (like a grocery box or something) ask them to tape it up, id the address, then show up to UPS and write on the waybill, used equipment on loan, value: 30$. Take all the parts out of the original box before packing, ask them to send you the warranty in a regulair mail enveloppe separate...

    Its simple and less expensive, I know I'm entitled to screw Canada Custom once in a while...
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    Good answer molecular. I was intimating this, but being far too subtle, it would appear. Basically, there are going to be so many parcels in the mail and UPS from now to Xmas that anything that looks like a gift and is marked like a gift (under $60 CDN) will likely be ignored.

    BTW my Visor still hasn't arrived. I'm mentally preparing a scathing letter to Handspring...
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    I already sent my scathing letter to Handspring and cancelled my order. I gave them my new credit card number twice and they still couldn't get it right! Then I cancel my order and they e-mail me to check and see if I still really want to cancel...OF COURSE I STILL WANT TO CANCEL!!!!
    Man, those dolts at HAndspring need to be told a million times for them to process the info. Talk about a retarded company.
    I ordered a IIIx from and 1 hour later received a great e-mail with confirmation and a tracking number. They stated that the unit will ship in 1 to 2 days as well. THAT'S how to run an e-commerce site. HAndspring should take some notes. What really makes me sick is that I could order my IIIx today and still receive it before I ever received anything from Handspring (september 28 order).
    Good luck with everyone else dealing with Handspring, hope you get yours before Xmas
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    Hi guys, it wasn't me wanting to know about the shipping, it was Six and others.

    Anyways, PST wasn't previously collected in Ontario, but recently they've started collecting it. So you can add Ontario to that list.

    I understood the point about declaring a lower value, but I still don't think it's really a good idea, even if you save brokerage charges and taxes. I am loathe to ship anything internationally without insurance, especially when it's coming from somebody you don't know. However, to insure it you have to have a declared value. But it's up to you. Actually, I think you can insure it for more than it's declared value, but obviously that looks fishy to customs.

    But at this point I'm almost ready to scrap my Handspring order and get the super cheap $229 Palm IIIe.

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    I got a Delivery Notice today, and i'll be picking my Visor up at the post office tomorrow. I ordered on Sept 14, my CC was charged on Nov 19 for 383.68 canadian, and I will be paying 59.00 at the Post Office, I assume for taxes/whatever.

    Finally, after ~9 weeks waiting!
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    Just checked my credit card status on-line, and saw that Handspring billed me for $520 US for two Visors and the styli. I was sort of hoping to get the damned pens free, considering the wait. But I'm not complaining too loud.

    Now the question is...will they show up at my home, my workplace, or will the dude living in my old apartment sign for and keep them? Wish me luck!

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    I know that people have discussed this in other threads, but I'm curious about the laws in Canada. I order my BVD on Oct 5, called a few times after that to fix up some of their screw ups. I finnally canceled my Order on October 20 after I bought a Palm Vx. Over 30 days later after my cancelation, they still charged my credit card and sent me a Visor which I still have not received. I don't want to keep the unit, and so far I'm out over $400 because HandSpring can't get their act together. Do I have to pay? Can I pick it up and say, too bad, I canceled you sent it to me as a gift! I'm talking to my Credit Card company, but not sure what to do. I really don't trust HandSpring to work things out for me, but on the same note, don't care to bring them business and sell it off. I'm prety cheesed at their service and don't feel like supporting them.

    Please advise.

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    Molecularbond: Eug was only answering my question. Jeez, don't flame the guy for being nice!

    Rubberdemon: nah, we caught your drift the first time ;-)

    Anyways, many thanks to all who answered. I'm not used to getting stuff shipped from the US, so I had a lot of unknowns in this whole situation...
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    Hi guys,

    I ordered my Blue Visor Deluxe on October 5th, and still have not received it yet. Nor has my CC been charged yet. This has taken too long. I guess I should've gone with the Palm Vx. Too late for that now, will wait till next Friday. Hopefully, the Visor will show up.

    PS: What's Donna's e-mail? And also what's Handspring's shipping telephone number?

    - FY
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    If I can offer any advice, it's to stick it out for a bit because, inevitably, the day after you cancel your order you'll find out it was on its way.

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    Doug: Tell me that you speak from experience. This customer from Sept. 14 has just about had it! (Please include all details.)
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    I hate to be so pesemistic, but I bailled and sure enough the Visor was on it's way, but only 1 month after I canceled the order, and I still don't have it. (I also Ordered Oct 5th).

    I called Customer Service twice today to try and straighten things out. First CSR told me that by GVD Only was shipped Nov 20. CSR #2 told me that my GVD + Serial Craddle has been charged but not yet shipped. To top it off, I ordered a BVD, Serial Craddle, and 5 Pack of Stilus. I just never ceases to amaze me how sad their service is.

    I just feel that I was burnt as an early supporter / adopter. If this is the way they treat people, they don't deserve my money... I've been enjoying my Palm Vx for over a month now.

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    Vancouvercanuck, we're in the same boat it seems. Every day since Tuesday I've been expecting a buzz on the intercom and the parcel to be here. Every day I've been disappointed. The CSR says I was shipped on the 18th. I was definitely charged on the 18th. 'Priority' USPS is a joke, apparently - and though those in the US who ordered as recently as late October are still getting overnight Fedex, Handspring can't be bothered to overnight ship to the handful of Canadians who have been waiting since September.

    I'm really starting to steam about this. I'm definitely sending a nice long ranting letter to them once it finally arrives (December sometime, most likely).

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    No no, I'm sorry I wasn't flaming, Its just sometimes I think in french and write in english. I just wanted to say that I receive and ship tons of stuff Puro or UPS or Fed Ex, if you wnat to save 50 bucks, I guarantee you, just send it in a regular box, it won't get lost.

    Gill, you should be able to 1- Tell your CC company that you decline. I am suprised how many poeple just take no for an answer. Your the customer, you are right, they need to listen. 2- Just refuse the package when it lands home. If you have any of the major gold cards, then they should cancel your order on the spot. Just tell them you'll switch, that will get them going.
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    I wouldn't expect Handspring to ship it overnight to Canada. VERY expensive. USPS Priority is a very reasonable compromise.
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    I still have not received my Graphite VDx yet. I was dinged for ~CAN$390/- on Nov 13th. and after calling Handspring, it seems my order was shipped on Nov.18th. using US Priority Mail (I asked for UPS Express!!).

    But with US Priority Mail, they have no tracking number. Once it crosses the border, Canada Post takes over. I still have not heard any sight nor sound of my "toy" !!! Aarrggghh!!! It's 7 days counting today. I hope it turns up soon.

    Does anyone know how long it takes US Priority Mail to ship to Canada ??
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    Hi guys,

    Being a Canuck, I still have not received my BDx yet. Ordered it on Oct 5th. Credit card still has not been charged. I'm going nuts! All I have is this Palm 1000 with 480K of memory, and a badly scratched screen.

    What is Donna's e-mail?


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    désolé, j'ai dû mal interpréter... on oublie tout ca :-)

    Well.. I got a Visor sent over from an american overshippee... I hope everything will go well, I'll keep you informed, if only to give an idea of shipment times.

    Six, who'll be trying to find an open bank tomorrow.

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